Fateful events mysteriously manifest as the seven-pointed star’s otherworldly geometry dominates the day. Describing the indescribable is challenging, yet nothing is simple about today’s planetary alignments. A Mercury-Venus septile invites messages about money and love from other dimensions. Although the solid Taurus Sun keeps us on Earth, our heads and hearts have slipped through a glass darkly and are journeying somewhere in a parallel universe.

You may be uncharacteristically stubborn today, like a dog that doesn’t want to let go of its bone. However, obsessively holding onto anything can create problems of its own. All successful relationships require an in-depth discussion of your mutual expectations, fears and boundaries. It’s best to be clear from the start by letting others know which of your preferences are negotiable and which are not. You can’t force someone to respect you, but you can refuse to be disrespected.

Today started off at about noon and I wasn’t in my kimono until about 1:30 pm.  The plan soon resolved to be out the door by 2:00 pm.  At 2:15 pm, we were on a bus headed for Elmsdale Mall with our tax materials in hand.  The weather was warm at about 18’ C and only a few clouds in the blue sky.  It seems that the arrival of spring is now at hand.  All  I can say is that it is about time,

The first thing we did at Elmsdale Mall was to start off with doing our taxes.  That only took half an hour to get the paperwork started and in return we were told to come back on Thursday to pick up the completed mailable returns.  Then, we rolled off in the direction of the Metro store on Walkley Road.  It was nicely warm to go the distance along St Lawrence Ave to the corner of Walkley Road where the Metro Store was.

There were only a few things we wanted to buy that were on sale.  I think we were inside the store for no more than fifteen minutes.  It was a relief to come outside into the warm afternoon air from the cold air conditioning that was running so efficiently.  Eight minutes later we were boarding a city bus to go to Herongate Mall.  Our first stop there was at the pharmacy and then we went to the Dollar Store,  I think we spent an hour inside the Dollar Store to buy some laundry cleaner and a handful of chocolate bars.  

It was about 4:30 pm when we started out for the A & W to have a supper.  We had two burgers on sale and rootbeer floats.  Onion rings were included on the side of the order.  After we filled ourselves, I took the trays to the cleaning area.  I was able to sort the trash and set the glass mugs into a plastic bin.  The trays were left on the side of the garbage shelf.  

I had to take care of the trays because Peter wasn’t breathing so well.  His lungs were full of phlegm and he was coughing loud and with difficulty.  We went outside to fresh warm air that helped only a bit.  Peter was in difficulty enough that I wanted to call for an ambulance.  I watched three ambulances go past the A & W but Peter kept refusing to have me call them.

I knew Peter was in a serious condition and he was doing his best to keep his breathing going.  After we sat for over half an hour Peter started rolling toward home.  It was only twenty minutes or so to get home on our electric wheelchairs.  Peter’s breathing improved a bit more as we rolled along.

We arrived at home and sat to catch our wind and relieve ourselves.  Jessica came home soon after we did and unloaded what we had in the knapsacks on the electric wheelchairs.  Peter decided to try the home oxygen that was then set to 3.0 which was only a little more than what I had been using.  I had been using the oxygen set at only 2.0 for the duration of the time I had been using it.

Not longer later, Peter dragged himself off to bed.  He was still on the oxygen to it was an amusement for me to see the green plastic hose trailing down the hallway to the bedroom.  Peter slept until about 11:00 pm when I went to the bathroom.  From there I went into the bedroom to find that Peter was awake.  He was in much better shape than what he had been in during the afternoon.  I was relieved to find that Peter was clearly doing better.  

Peter was thirsty so I took coffee in his thermos and a jug of water to him.  He was happy that I had been as helpful as he needed me to be during his scary event.  I seriously thought he should have gone to the hospital but he would only go after he knew I was taken care of at home.  Well, we talked a bit before I went to my desk to talk to Mom.

I talked to Mom for about fifteen minutes before Peter got up and joined me at the desks.  Mom and I talked for an hour and a half about all kinds of things as usual.  I told Mom all about the day and that Peter had a $325.00 ticket from a red light camera.    

A friend had driven Peter in the van to Costco to get gas and a few of the items that Costco had on sale.  Apparently the van was flashed at two seconds after the light had turned red when it entered the intersection.  Our friend is on a chemo therapy treatment that apparently has affected judgement.  So, we won’t be asking our friend for any driving for a while. 



We are like surfers who must be vigilant if we want to catch the approaching cosmic wave. Preparation time is over and there’s no time to lose if we are to make the most of the days and weeks ahead. The enterprising Aries New Moon at 9:57 pm EDT triggers immediate action without fear of the consequences. Meanwhile, messenger Mercury completes its three-week retrograde period and turns direct as obstacles, whether real or imagined, slowly fade.

Interactions with others are more passionate now as everyone seems comfortable asking for what they want. Sharing your desires is fine as long as you understand it isn’t your partner’s responsibility to fulfill all of your needs. The spontaneous Aries New Moon highlights your 7th House of Companions, tying your destiny to the emotional satisfaction of others. Nevertheless, you still might believe you should be able to make your partner happy. Albert Camus wrote, “Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

My browser suddenly has a new app that lets me screencapture directly so I can scoop images where and when I want.  It is so handy now!

I was quietly working away on the P-51 when my attention was called.  It was simply a crude joke that made me overreact when I normally wouldn't have lost control.  Well, I did the unthinkable thing by jerking my hands.  The frantic movement of my hands was more than enough to rip the fuselage into three pieces.  A wing, underbelly air scoop and tail, plus a nose to cockpit section of fuselage with attached wing, and a few pieces of fuselage interior supports fell from my hands onto the desktop.  

I was intense and angry at the slight of the crude joke.  It was the subject, the man himself, that made me react in anger.  In the next instant I was fraught with the sorrow of having a mess to clean up and repair laying on the red desk.  Shit happens, eh?  

Peter was upset because he told a joke only to have me rip my plane apart.  He didn't know what he had done wrong and he didn't want to deal with me at all.  I persisted until I was crying and apologising about my loss of control.   Peter was not at all happy about there being something wrong with me that was clearly my fault.  My apology wasn't accepted.  I kept crying and finally settled down with Peter's help.  

I haven’t cried for a number of years.  For me to break down, it was a surprise and a dismal failure on my part.  I should have had far more control to keep myself in a stable condition than to let myself down and fall into a depression.  Many people don’t realize that Peter suffers from depression.  At times, even I suffer from past traumas I experienced in my life.

I confess that I have had a life of suffering, starving for humanity, violent, and often alone in accomplishing what needed to be done.  It was a hard road that I knew was my lot in life.  I knew a lot of things because of the extraordinary events that I had to endure.  I survived only because of the help given to me by those very super beings that chose to watch over me.  They still have a lot of the energy invested in me to be returned somehow, in some way by my own sacrifices and accomplishments in their name.

I believe in God that has nothing to do with humanity.  I see the glory of nature as it grows and evolves to have dominion over all.  Nature is alive and well in all of the world around me.  God is all and everything in the universe I know.    


Things to Remember in overcoming Adversity

#1. Have the right mindset
#2. Be with positive people
#3. Invest in yourself
#4. Have faith
#5. Focus
#6. Count your victories
#7. Write  

若 扱ケョヲ尉浦し宴イ ぱ 翁医ラブピ芋ぼで依



We are feeling confident about the positive impact of our current actions with four planets in enthusiastic Aries. The fixed Taurus Moon trines potent Pluto, intensifying our resolve to finish whatever we start now. But Luna’s opposition to exaggerating Jupiter displays warning signs if we overstep sensible limits. Although all systems are go, Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow and we intuitively know there could be delays around the corner.

You can’t participate in everyone else’s plans today or there won’t be any room left for your dreams. It’s difficult to say no when a friend approaches you with a wonderful opportunity, and even harder if they are overly insistent. However, turning down a gracious offer is your best move now because it enables you to pursue your own search for success. Don’t waste time lamenting over what you might have missed. Helen Keller said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; for often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”

Today started off in a cold and quiet manner considering everything.  We slept the morning away.  Peter lay comfortably in bed while I was propped up in my office chair at my big old desk.  I should have been in bed also but I fell asleep while watching a video that bored me to sleep.  Sometimes, or rather more often than I would want, I do fall asleep at my desk instead of falling asleep in bed.

The day passed by easily enough.  We had planned to go to a pool hall and bar so we could meet up with some friends.  It happened that we wanted to go by city bus to our destination.  As we were getting on the bus at the nearby bus stop, Peter broke a wheel off of his electric wheelchair.  I think it surprised the bus driver far more than it did Peter, how had often seen electric wheelchairs do all kinds of unwanted things.  Oh well, that is the way it goes.

We bumped and bumbled our way back home.  It wasn’t far away so it didn’t take us very long to get back to the apartment.  Peter sadly parked the broken wheelchair in the usual parking spot.  He then went into the storage room and started up my old spare electric wheelchair.  It is only a little slower than my new one but it works well enough even with Peter as a passenger on it.  Peter weighs about two hundred and thirty pounds.

The city bus runs about once every half hour past our place.  We were able to catch the next bus that came along to take us to our intended destination.  I had already used my bus pass on the previous bus without actually taking a ride, so my bus pass merely clicked transfer to let me onto the bus.  Peter is officially blind so he gets to ride on city buses for free.  It isn’t a fair fare, but that is the way it is.

We made it to our destination about an hour late.  There were four people who had met earlier and who were excited to see us show up.  The plan was to sit and talk while we waited for turns at shooting pool.  There were almost a dozen pool tables that all seemed to be busy.  We busied ourselves as well what with talking and playing when it was our turn.  We all had turns at playing pool, or rather a simple form of eight ball pool.  

While Peter and I sat enjoying ourselves, we managed to drink up two drinks each.  Peter preferred to have two red ale glasses of beer while I had two hot toddies.  We were happy and feeling our drinks while we talked to our dear friends.  We were so quick to familiarize ourselves with each other and tell tall tales of our life adventures.  It was more than enough to make everyone laugh.  

Before we had arrived there were orders brought to our table besides drinks for our friends.  A pizza and a bowl of deep fried thinly sliced pickles and sour cream as an appetizer were still sitting on the table.  I was tempted to sneak a slice of the remaining pizza but instead I settled for a half slice of thinly sliced deep fried pickle.  It was far more delicious than I had thought possible.  Dipped in sour cream the pickle was mouth wateringly appetizing as an alternative to peanuts or popcorn.

Peter and I enjoyed ourselves for about two and a half hours.  Talking to our friends and sipping our drinks made for a pleasant way to pass the time.  I did manage to play a game of pool which I lost by two balls.  We were both expert players at some point long ago.  However, we both had lost much of our skills because of lack of practice.  In that respect we were equally matched and played an even game until the end.

Peter looked up the bus schedule on his cellphone.  We had a mere twenty minutes to wait for the next bus or wait another hour for the next bus.  We decided it would be better for us if we caught the next bus.  With that decision, we waited fifteen minutes before saying our goodbyes.  It was minus six degrees Celsius outside so I was glad we didn’t have long to cross the street and roll north a block to the southbound bus stop.

Peter and I spent forty five minutes riding on the bus to our local mall.  The doors and elevators were conveniently open and working.  We crossed through the mall to the local McDonald restaurant.  We ordered burgers with chips and hot fudge sundaes for both of us.  We hurriedly filled ourselves before setting off to our nearby home by about 11:00 pm.



Your mind is so powerful today it appears as if you can manifest reality simply by imagining it. Obviously, the ability to alter your future with your thoughts has its limitations, but used wisely it can have a profound effect on your immediate situation. However, concentrating on your desired outcome is only the first step. You must follow through with specific action to achieve the results you want. As Abraham Hicks teaches, “The universe is conspiring to give you everything you want.”

It is an amazing day today!  Peter and I were granted personal awards for our contributions as members of Gender Mosaic by the Senate of Canada!  We were among a group of about fifty people that were invited to take part in a three hour long tour of the Senate building half of the Parliament Building.  It is such a work of art and inspiration to view let alone donate any work of art to the Parliament Building in general.

The tour of the Senate in the Parliament buildings was a marvelous event for both Peter and I.  We ended the tour with a mixed selection of foodstuffs, drinks, and deserts, in the office of Senator Grant Mitchell.  Altogether, the tour lasted from 3:30 pm until 6:30 pm with Senator Mitchell talking and leading the way through the maze of halls and offices.  In total, every surface within the Parliament Buildings was gold or specially painted, decorated, or specially prepared.

The conclusion of the tour of the Senate was far too soon for almost a dozen of us.  We chose a restaurant to meet in and changed our venue for there.  The Bier Market was a spacious and crowded mix of bar and cafe rolled up into one.  Peter and I ordered a rootbeer float and coffee each.  We finished our drinks just before the rest of the table began ordering their meals.  

We had finished what we had ordered and paid for our tab before we left.  We were able to catch the 8:00 pm bus #6 South along Bank Street to Billings Bridge.  The weather had turned colder so that we were chilled by the time we boarded the warm bus.  About half an hour passed as we sat in the warmth until our stop was reached.  Only when we had arrived home did I remember that I had left a small pair of scissors at the checkin booth where we had been searched.   





Finally, today, you'll know what it feels like to be in charge of things. You'll even feel that you were born to do it. In any case, you'll beautifully coordinate the day. You're the maestro conducting a full orchestra. You'll tell those around you what to do all day long. Isn't it fun to feel such personal power

Today started off with no sleep until Jessica went to work at 5:00 am.  We went to sleep but I woke up at about 7:00 am to take my 8:00 am pills.  It was early but the three extra hydromorphones had worn off.  I went back to sleep at about 8:30 am.  Two hours later I was up again and watching the series of Marco Polo on Netflix.  At about 10:30 I started my bath and was soon soaking up the heat of the running hot water.  I think I slept for about an hour in the tub before Peter roused me and helped me to dry off.  Then it was a labour of getting dressed for the day.

It was actually warm outside with a light overcast.  I would have gone with Peter to see Dr. Dent of Gloster Center at Blair Road and Ogalvie Street.  The fact was that at the bus station I discovered that I had forgotten my bus pass back at home.  So with a dull and stupid feeling I went home to discover the bus pass back side up (white) on the bathroom sink counter.  

Peter and I phoned each other a couple of times about the missed bus and meat pies of all things.  I corrected Peter on the freezer contents being two meat pies and one chicken pie.  So, Peter set himself to get two chicken pies to even up the pies to two of each kind.  I had to go to the bathroom before I stripped completely and went to bed.

Somehow I managed to wake up and go to my desk about ten minutes before Jessica got home from work.  I was awake and watching Marco Polo when I got a mushy kiss greeting by Jessica at my desk.  It wasn’t too long later that a pot of coffee was on and a hot cup of sweetened coffee appeared on my desk.  

I carried on with what I was doing while Jessica started working on some of her weekly commercials for the clubs she works at.  Jessica was an entertainer and organizer for shows at several clubs.  She is the Leather Queen for the Knights of Ottawa representative who coordinates the ongoing public events.       

It was about 8:00 pm when the chicken pie was finally cooked.  We all sat down to a big piece each.  Within half an hour we were off to bed while dear Jessica was off to a show.  Jessica is a performer while we are tired and retired.  And it wasn’t too long before we were sound asleep.  I woke up again at about 10:00 pm and did my usual things.  I went to the bathroom and then to the balcony for a smoke before to my desk.  

At midnight, I talked to Mom for about an hour.  Everything is fine in Vernon as far as Mom can see.  It is reassuring to know that an 89 year old woman such as she is can live happily although my brother lives there too.  The two take care of things well enough.  The house had been basically rebuilt inside and out, new roof, plumbing and pipes, electrical and so on.  I really like the little house in the Hundred Homes area up on the hill in the city of Vernon.



We are driven by the strength of our own convictions today, and our mind-over-matter attitude empowers us to overcome most obstacles. The ambitious Capricorn Moon conjuncts potent Pluto, injecting an additional shot of intensity into our lives. However, an unflappable optimism created by the willful Sun’s alignment with bountiful Jupiter feeds our souls. This lucky conjunction occurs in emotional Scorpio, reminding us of the power of change.

Paradoxically, your self-esteem soars today, but you still may need to face your insecurities. You’re confident of your capabilities on the job and can create a strategic ladder that will carry you to the top of your field. However, your feelings stand on shakier ground now, and you might slip into the underworld for a remedial course on the magic of emotional transformation. Whatever happens, maintain your balance. Standing on the border between worlds requires serious concentration, but the rewards are worth the risks.

At 2:00 am, I fell asleep at my desk.  I woke up in time to wake Jessica at 4:00 am.  Jessica kept going back to sleep until I admonished her by saying that she must no longer think she needed benefits of working.  She slowly got up and dressed to get ready for leaving.  I tried to go back to bed but Peter told me that I had the responsibility.  So, I got back up and stayed up until 5:00 am.  That was when I finally went back to sleep.

I woke again at 8:30 am and took my dose of pills.  I am now back on antibiotics, much to my relief.  I was dizzy and faint so I drank some water before going back to sleep at about 9:00 am.

Peter had an appointment so he got up and dressed at 9:30 am.  I was still weak and stayed in bed, awake but not really completely functional.  Peter left to catch a bus and I went back to sleep. I woke up at 1:00 pm and went to the bathroom.  I took my noon pills and ate a can of soup followed by a big drink of cream.  I thought about taking vitamin pills but decided against it.  So, I went back to sleep.

I woke up at about 4:30 pm, about an hour after Peter returned home.  I got up and took my regular dose of pills.  Then I thought again about taking vitamin pills.  I made my way to my desk and made myself comfortable.  I only take four kinds of vitamins so that wasn’t difficult.  It doesn’t make an immediate difference but it does make a difference later. I started up StupidThree and began watching Matrix again.  I also opened up Writer and looked at what I had been doing.  Then I opened my browser and watched a few videos before falling asleep again.

I had to watch Matrix three times because I had fallen asleep while watching.  It was interesting to watch the plot unfold in the second of three discs.  It also led me to think of things that had pertained to me and possibly will in the future if I fall behind synchronicity.  That would not be a good thing, or will it?

It was the same day that I watched the third and final disc of the Matrix trilogy.  I knew it was only a continuation of the second disc.  The plot twisted and turned beyond expectations to peace at the end.  It made me realize that I too have purpose and end.  I have fulfilled so many plans that made a difference, that saved people and civilizations.  The story is long and would take more than a few discs to tell.  Hm.





Seeking balance becomes even more important when our emotions are extreme. There seems to be no middle ground while mental Mercury rendezvous with excessive Jupiter in passionate Scorpio. Although we may compulsively talk about our feelings, our main agenda is to get them out into the open. Meanwhile, the diplomatic Libra Moon alleviates some of the pressure by allowing us to maintain multiple perspectives on a stressful set of circumstances.

You say what you mean today, and you surely mean what you say. Verbose Mercury converses with opinionated Jupiter in your 2nd House of Values, urging you to talk about your fundamental beliefs. Although you’re not necessarily trying to sell your point of view, you’re also not interested in adopting anyone else’s. Unfortunately, others could quickly become defensive when facing your rigid attitude and extreme enthusiasm. Lead by example instead of wasting time on artful persuasion. Martin Luther King Jr. taught, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Who would believe humanity is so governed by patterns that simple astrology could sway actions with such amazing accuracy.  Nay sayers can deny any of the allegations incriminating astrology, numerology and other such sciences to whatever extent they wish.  The trouble is that too often there are the proven facts supporting the use of patterns to determine physical and real courses of action.  Enough said about any of the multitude of patterns which humanity lives by.

I was awakened at about 4:00 am to rise up and awaken Jessica.  It is a big help to make sure Jessica gets up to go to work.  It seems to be a trouble for Jessica to get up to go to work.  So, with a little help, things go smoothly and Jessica gets off to work on time to catch a forty five minute bus ride.  I was happy to lock the door after Jessica.

Peter has had very good luck with his electric wheelchair.  The electric wheelchairs have six wheels, two big main power wheels and four outrider wheels.  The outrider wheels take most of the beating on bumps, curbcuts, and rough pavement or sidewalks.  The four outrider wheels on Peter’s electric wheelchair had pieces chipped off the solid rubber tires.  There was also a bent fork that needed replacing.  The total cost was about three hundred and fifty dollars for work done in about two hours.


The atmosphere today as rational Mercury opposes radical Uranus, shaking our intellectual foundations. We may seek certainty by turning our thoughts inward, but an imaginative Mercury-Neptune alignment only confuses us more. Luckily, the Moon’s shift into picky Virgo at 7:18 am EDT gives us tools to separate the facts from fantasies. Integrating unexpected events is easier once we know the truth and commit to a practical course.

You are preoccupied by an imbalance in relationship dynamics if someone suddenly behaves out of character today. You assume their unexplainable actions are symptomatic of an unexpressed issue, but you don’t yet know the details. In absence of the facts, your mind is likely to run wild now, filling in the picture with your own fears. Unfortunately, your thoughts could spin out of control unless you nip the problem in the bud. You cannot change what you refuse to confront.

It is the middle of the month of October already,  There is a decided change in the climate and the weather.  It isn’t very warm and I have trouble with a rising level of inflammation in my system.  I feel weak and sick all of the time.  I do have a relentless UTI back again and that is painful and comes with frequent urinating with difficulty.  I don’t know if I will get anything because there is nothing wrong according to the lab tests and the doctor.  Maybe I will have to resort to going to Emergency at the General Hospital for any help.                                                                                                                                                                           



Although we seek balance in our lives while the Moon moves through Libra the Scales, we must confront the negativity lurking in the shadows. Instead of burying the dark side of human emotions, we can be diplomats for peace by offsetting fear with love. Thankfully, charming Venus has a practical agenda now that she’s visiting earthy Virgo. Venus and the Moon connect with obsessive Pluto to bring secrets out into the open where they lose their power.

You feel exposed today because your emotions are so close to the surface. Normally, you wear your heart on your sleeve when the evocative Moon makes her monthly visit to your sign. However, you don’t want your shadow side to be seen now, preferring to hide your internal process from the judgment of others. It takes a leap of faith to trust someone with your secrets, but the intangible rewards are priceless. Sigmund Freud wrote, “Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Today began as another summer day, a bit late in the fall, as usual as a morning should start.  Jessica and Peter were up as they had to be and going about starting their day.  Jessica was off to work and Peter was off to the mall to walk.  I was off to Battlestar Galactica at my desk.  At least there was coffee and something to eat.    

Peter came back from his walk and we crashed out.  It was 12:30 pm when we woke up and had to rush like crazy to get ready.  We left on time to get to the appointment at the breathing masks office.  Peter had to make a payment for the equipment he has had on trial.  Now, he is a step closer to owning it all.

After we had done what we had to do at the office, we were able to concentrate on an errand we had to help Jessica.  Jessica wanted us to deliver some posters that had to be printed out.  It meant we had to go to the mall, get some printing done and then deliver it to two places downtown.  It would mean a trip of about an hour each way to make the deliveries on our reliable electric wheelchairs.

It was a beautiful afternoon to go wandering around.  The only question was of how to go about what we had to do.  Peter suggested going to a cyclepath and connecting up with the O C Transpo rail line to cross the city.  Then it would be a reasonable sidewalk hike to our destinations in the hot summer weather.

It took half an hour to reach our first destination.  I didn’t know the rail line would speed up our travelling by that much.  The club bar wasn’t open but there was someone inside who would take the posters and hand them to the owner when the club bar opened.  The first part of our mission was accomplished.

The second part of our mission to deliver was not far away on another street.  We were able to get there in a matter of about ten minutes of rough sidewalk bouncing along.  Peter and I discovered the place we had to go to was not an accessible building.  There are a lot of places in Ottawa that have antique steps to their main entrances.  That means we on our electric wheelchairs cannot get into those buildings.  So, Peter had to walk into the building to find some person to accept the printed paper we were supposed to deliver.  We had the address right but there was a question about who to give our delivery to.  I rolled around the building on a little discovery expedition.  I also lit a cigarette and discovered that the back door was a foot and a half off the ground.  So I went back around to the front to rejoin Peter who had just appeared.  He had made the delivery and we were on our way with the mission completed.

It was nice to know that we had done a good thing by making the deliveries.  We now had to decide how we were going to spend the rest of the day.  The sun was shining down brightly and the breeze was so warm and comforting.  I was so happy to just sit in the sunshine and absorb that healthy energy.  It was also a matter of getting more of a tan that would last us through the cold dark winter.    




Instability plagues the early morning hours as the traditional Capricorn Moon squares erratic Uranus. However, the Moon’s shift into futuristic Aquarius at 8:15 am EDT foretells the significant changes that are on the horizon. Although we are eager to let go of those things which hold us back, it’s impossible to know what’s around the corner. We must take a wait-and-see approach until tomorrow’s Full Moon Eclipse reveals clues as to what is next.

You are riding on an irrepressible wave of creativity today, and there’s a masterpiece stewing in your imagination. However, you’re unsure how to go about turning your original idea into a work of art or the performance of a lifetime. Instead of worrying about the end result, redirect your thoughts to the actual process of manifestation. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory.”

The morning started off by about noon today.  It took an hour and a half to get ready for going out to swimming.  It has been years since we last went swimming at the school pool.  It features a hot tub and a sauna besides the heated Olympic sized swimming pool.  An hour and a half at the swimming pool going from the hot tub to the sauna and then the walk back to the hot tub.  It was very exhausting but wonderfully exhilarating at the same time.  I had so much bending and stretching that my back straightened out!  I was ecstatic about that!  

It was about twenty minutes before the pool was to close that we decided to make our escape.  We went to our respective change rooms and changed into our street clothes.  I used the full twenty minutes to get dried off and changed to go outside.  Peter was waiting for me and he kindly pulled my hair straight and into place.  I felt comfortably warm and tired as we rolled on to our bus stop.  

The bus that came along was a double decker bus.  They are buses that have no springs because they would tilt and possibly tip over.  So, the road surface along Bank Street from the bus stop at Walkley Road to Billings Bridge is beaten, cracked, old, and pot holed rough,  Inside the double decker bus the ride for me was bumpy beyond what I could bear.  My back was strained so much that the straightening that I did at the swimming pool was undone.

The rough stretch of road was soon behind us as the bus travelled along to the downtown area of Ottawa.  City Hall of Ottawa was featuring a Rib Fest!  It was a collection of vendors who sold various smoked meats and treats.  A crowd of people had gathered to feast upon the tenders.  We were soon in a line of people waiting almost an hour for our turn to order.  Two half rib orders with beans were the highlighted and in white cardboard trays.

The two half rib orders with beans were consumed with relish at a table set up on the edge of a large area of tables and chairs.  Looking around we noticed a beer tent in a fenced off area.  Security and waiters were available to guide us to one of four beer tents.  I decided upon an Earl Grey and Orange flavoured beer while Peter ordered a Country Fresh style of stout beer.  We sipped our beer for an hour.

Beer and me don’t mix.  I became dizzy with inebriation with barely half of what a plastic glass could hold.  Peter had to finish what was in my cup.  He was feeling his oats by the time we were tired of sitting at the table within the fenced off area of the beer garden.  Our conversation had wandered all over the map from one thing to another as our thoughts surfaced.

With trepidation, we began to tally the cost of our day so far.  It was $7.50 each for swimming.  It was $15.00 per order of half ribs with beans.  It was $6.50 per glass of beer.  In total, we had spent an amazing amount of $58.00 plus tax and a bus ride for $2.55 that it cost for me.  Peter gets free rides on the bus thanks to an agreement between the City and CNIB for legally blind people.  It was an expensive day considering that we also had to pay for rent, hydro, parking, smoking and other habits like the Internet, TV, phone, electric wheelchair maintenances, and other things I can’t think of at the moment.  

Our walk home took forty five minutes from City Hall to our highrise building.  We followed the north side of the Rideau Canal cyclepath to Landsdown Park before we crossed over on the Bank Street bridge.  Then, we followed Bank Street south until we reached our address on Riverside Drive.  Funny how I had to look up my own address to remember Riverside Drive.

At home it was only a matter of spending the evening at our computers.  We have interactive services that include the Internet and various networks.  As we explore the areas of Ottawa around us, we find so much more as people and plants interact and grow.  There is a passage or parade of people and plants that fill everything of the space available for use.  There is so much to see and do interactively.

We are individuals who live in small families, groups, and sometimes in communities together.  We can’t always be independent and live alone as much as we want to while we necessarily depend upon others.  There are aspects to us that must be expressed at times while suppressing other aspects that are not as important or appropriate for the moment.  Now, isn’t that a fact that needed to be expressed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



We remain serious about our actions while the Moon continues her visit to ambitious Capricorn. Conflicts over control issues come to a head as the Moon activates yesterday’s powerful Jupiter-Pluto square. Psychological dramas reveal hidden tensions but don’t necessarily provide solutions to our interpersonal struggles. However, we might fool ourselves into believing everything is copacetic today as the radiant Sun misaligns with illusory Neptune.

Finalizing your schedule for the weekend is daunting because there are so many variables in the mix. Although decision-making can be a sore spot for you ambivalent Libras, making up your mind is not the problem now. The fact is you could easily let your preferences be known if you felt like it. If anything, you wish everyone would leave you to your own devices today so you can float along without an agenda. C.S. Lewis wrote, “Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.”

I woke up this morning with the expectation of going to the Highland Games in Maxwell, Ontario.  Peter woke up at about 8:00 am when I was taking my pills.  


We are methodically unearthing hidden issues that have been purposefully buried out of view. The calculating Capricorn Moon enables us to determine the consequences of revealing a secret prior to sharing opinions we might later regret. Meanwhile, an obsessive Jupiter-Pluto square foments conflict, encouraging us to overstep boundaries. Self-assurance is usually a positive trait, but our resistance to inconvenient truths ultimately works against us.
The finger of fate is reaching out to touch you, altering your relationships in ways not yet apparent. Although optimism is fueling your fantasies, reality is demanding your full attention today. You prefer to follow your heart’s commands, but previous commitments won’t be satisfied unless you maintain a pragmatic approach to life now. Thankfully, your superpower is your ability to balance two extreme approaches, so meet your obligations and continue to explore your desires. Thoreau wrote, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Today started off lowly and slowly.  I had a lot of phlegm in my throat to clear out before I could even take a breath.  I coughed out a two tablespoonful blob of of thick dark yellow phlegm into the waste basket beside my bed.  I had to roll over onto my side and lean down over the waste basket before I could spit.  The effort was painful but not as painful as the suffocating blockage in my throat that was threatening my consciousness.  I spit several times before I could think of regaining my prone position on the bed.

It was about 8:00 am and I had the senses to take my pills.  The mouthful of pills were actually from midnight.  I had forgotten to take my midnight pills so they sat waiting in the pill box until I did take them.  Taking pills is not a fast acting relief from my levels of pain.  I had to wait an hour or so before the effect of the pills could be felt.  Still, I was feeble and weak all morning.  At noon, I thought to take my eight o’clock morning dose of pills.

It was mid afternoon before I started to feel barely close to reasonable.   




Dreams loom larger than ever, and we may try harder to reach them now. The Moon’s entry into idealistic Sagittarius at 8:01 am EDT brings a healthy dose of positive thinking, but too much confidence means trouble if we lose touch with reality. Meanwhile, active Mars creates a magical connection with nebulous Neptune, enticing us with our own fantasies. Although we might get glimpses of the future, illusions can cloud the truth and lead us astray.

You may spin a wild yarn today without even realizing you deviated from the truth. Normally, you have a knack for establishing objectivity into an emotionally charged situation, but you appear to have lost your bearings now. Fortunately, no harm will come from your current dance with fantasy as long as you don’t try to pass it off as fact. Others will likely see through your current tendency to exaggerate, so it's wise if you catch yourself first. Staying busy helps to keep you out of trouble. Poet Bill Copeland wrote, “The man who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it.”

Today started off with only a few little distant clouds in the bright blue sky.  I did manage to get four hours of sleep to start off with my 9:00 am appointment with Canada Care.  There was a big repair for the foot plate and a service of my electric wheelchair.  I am certainly happy to have left my little chicken scratch for the hour and a half I spent waiting for the work to be done.

On my way back home, I stopped off at Alternatives.  The horsey girl is the owner and manager of the super creative store for adult knick knacks and toys.  Horsey girl was about ten minutes late in opening her store at 11:10 am so I sat reading my latest book on my cellphone.  Waiting is never a waste of time for me.  I can always find something to do to wile away the hours.

Horsey girl and I talked for an hour and a half about ourselves and all kinds of stuff we had experienced in our working lives.  It doesn’t surprise me that we have lots of things in common with each other.  We are both intelligent achievers who have worked hard for most of our lives.  And, we are learning just how diverse humanity can be.  It can be amazing how people are a little bit of this and a little bit of that, changing and evolving with circumstances and time.

Circumstance and time are variables that affect life in unpredictable ways.  We don’t predict the future any more than what we try to plan.  Planning is only a start in our attempts to control what goes on around us.  There is so little beyond actual planning that we can do to achieve our ambitions and dreams.

As much as I enjoyed talking with my friend, I had to go and continue on my way back home.  Near home Bank Street crosses over Sawmill Creek close to where a lot of repair work is being done.  I saw the creek water level was low and that the repairs of flood damage to the bridge and embankments were progressing.  I couldn’t see much of what was below me more than part of an embankment, a foot bridge over a short stretch of the shallows that were almost as wide and as long beneath thick foliage of bushes and trees.

I must have spent more than ten minutes at studying the scene below me.  A few pedestrians passed by on the sidewalk.  I was in no hurry to leave where I had stopped up against the Crusader wire fence guarding the east side of the cement sidewalk.  I lit a cigarette and took a few puffs before I clicked the on button of my electric wheelchair.  It was only a short distance before I would be home safe and sound.  I could cover that distance in less than five minutes which is just what I did do.  Home again, home again.


Someone’s suspicious behavior can precipitate a volatile interaction that’s fueled by jealous feelings. Nevertheless, uncomfortable emotions may remain unexpressed as desirous Venus invisibly slips into cautious Cancer. The Crab’s hard outer shell encourages us to protect ourselves rather than exposing a soft spot in our armor. Thankfully, we can consciously create safe space where fear is unnecessary and vulnerability leads to intimacy.

You are attempting to create a harmonious atmosphere, but balancing everything is tricky today, because you’re also concerned with protecting your own feelings. Your planetary ruler Venus needs to find an emotionally safe haven while she visits vulnerable Cancer. However, situations might intensify if you are drawn into a drama of your own making. Your best defense is to not hold onto more than you need. You do not have to be rich to be generous.

This morning started off last night and just kept going.  Peter passed out on the top of the bed fully dressed.  I sat at my desk for the most part.  I did try to rouse Peter a few times just to do my pill box with prescriptions.  A moan and groan response was all I could get out of him, but nothing akin to movement in any way.  We were both wiped out because of all we did yesterday.

This morning featured a doctor’s appointment at about 11:00 am.  It was a  perfunctorily short visit to renew prescriptions and to get an antibiotic for a returned UTI.  I have had innumerable urinary tract infections since moving to Ottawa.  I don’t know if it is the water or what but that it is a recurring bother.  Hopefully one day I will be able to get a treatment that is effective in stopping the returning UTI.  

Cynthia showed up for a visit today.  We had just returned from the doctor’s appointment and a bit of shopping in Wally World.  We picked up a few things including a movie, some CLR bathroom cleaner, English muffins, and a new lipstick for myself.  I have a small collection of lipsticks at home, but I felt like having a new colour for my lips.  

Today is another summer day much like yesterday although there is a cold wind blowing to cool everything down.  It has been a cold and wet summer season so far.   I know it takes seven consecutive years for a glacial age to start.  We haven’t had that yet, so in the meantime we wait and suffer through this cooler weather.



We settle into a sustainable workflow today as the lively Leo energy morphs into earthy Virgo. The sensitive Moon leads the charge as she slips into practical Virgo at 6:32 am EDT. We are more interested in operating efficiently behind the scenes than receiving accolades for getting the job done. Rational Mercury follows the Moon, returning to its home sign later this evening. Focusing intently on the details enables us to manage complex logistics.

You may begin a process of detaching from the busyness of social activities as yesterday’s fun becomes today’s distraction. An associate might criticize your behavior if he or she feels abandoned by your disappearing act. But you are not trying to escape; in fact, you’re doing whatever you can to increase your productivity over the days ahead. Don’t waste energy attempting to justify your temporary self-imposed isolation. Benjamin Franklin wrote, “Well done is better than well said.”

Today has started off with about two hours sleep while Peter has had much more.  We headed to bed at about 5:00 am and I think that is becoming our new habitual bedtime.  I seem to be doing OK so long as I keep an eye on my feet.  Swollen feet only means that it is time for bed to lay down and relieve the pressure on my feet.  Well now, it seems that there is one more reason to go to bed, eh?

Operation Highjump?

Yesterday and today were much the same in terms of sleep and wakeful activities.  I began working on a milk truck that is a Matchbox tanker truck.  It is a Maisto Milk tanker that has a blue cab and a white with black blotches tank on it’s frame.  I have yet to measure out the actual physical dimensions and scale in HO terms as to what it might actually be.  Whether a pickup truck or larger is something I have to figure out.

I began working on the milk tanker by drilling off the frame with wheels.  It was difficult to drill the one eighth inch drill by using a small pair of vicegrips.  There were three holes to drill.  One extended hole inside the cab had to be cut down to level the cab ceiling.  A black plastic insert had made the windows and windshield.  I cut and glued in clear plastic to make clear windows.  

I started to make the interior of the cab with thin balsa wood set on the chassis.  I had to make a fine fitting floor and dash to slide inside the cab below the clear plastic of the windows.  The inside of the cab was painted with white enamel.  There was dripping paint that ran onto the clear plastic windows.  So, I had to remake the windows and windshield for the fourth time.

There was space on the sides of the chassis where fuel tanks could go.  I roughed out plastic tubes of an approximate size.  I had to cut ends for the two pieces of tube to complete the fuel tanks.  Then I glued in the plastic tubes onto the chassis in the right place for fuel tanks.  Only painting the fuel tanks is left to be done.

It has taken quite a bit of work to detail the wheels.  First was the rough cut file used to change the cross cut tread on the wheels to a round the wheel alignment.  It was hard to hold the little wheels with sufficient grip to file the plastic tread.  I accidentally ground down hard onto my thumb nail and gouged a sizeable wound.  When I finished filing the wheels, I rubbed ashes around the tread areas to mimic used tires.  It looks great for all of that effort.

Back at working on the cab meant replacing the clear plastic windows.  It was an effort to cut out replacement pieces of clear plastic.  Then, I used tweezers to place the pieces of clear plastic onto preglued edges of the windows.  Then, I used extra blobs of glue to anchor the newly placed pieces of clear plastic.  It sounds so simple to explain and yet so difficult to do when actually performing the task of replacing the clear plastic windows.

I haven’t taken any pictures of the work I have done with the milk tanker.  There are many habits that I have to pick up again now that I am working on detailing again.  It is often crude work that takes only a few touchups to make good.  And, it is something that I have historically photographed in a way to explain to kids on how to do things.  That is my underlying intention, anyways.


Sleeping in Light

Babylon 5 is an epic as much as other epics like Startrek, Starwars, and other space programs.  We all love to see the likely portrayals of what the future might be like only if.  It is the only if part that sets the pace and background for those fictions we enjoy so much.  But, what if it were true in the real sense of  being true?  Wouldn’t you care to know if there will be a future as predicted by our fictionalized accounts of possibilities written about by famous authors.  I know I certainly hope the best of things for humanity despite what possibilities are balanced in the wings of fantastic stages set up for TV and Video alike.




We’re buzzing with energy today as we build upon events already in process. We can’t contain our excitement while clever Mercury trines ingenious Uranus, creating a stream of innovative ideas. However, we must set aside the notion of immediate gratification when resourceful Venus opposes stern Saturn, reminding us to persevere. The best is yet to come, but we can’t force time to bring us the future any faster just because we’ve run out of patience.

You have your heart set on a big-ticket item today, but you may need to process your disappointment if you face financial constraints. Perhaps you decide it is prudent to forgo a fancy shopping excursion or delay your acquisition of a fine piece of art. Stop the purchase of anything you don’t actually need now; Turn your attention away from the material world and toward life-altering experiences. Fortunately, your friends are there to help you through this rocky transition with plenty of fun suggestions. Collect memories, not objects.

Today, ah, er, ah I mean to say yesterday, started off with a little bit of sleep and mostly time watching movies and YouTube.  I suppose I could have tried to go to sleep but I just wasn’t motivated to do that.  Actually I was interested in the articles I did read during that time with StupidThree.  I don’t really know how much learning I do with the Internet.  

Peter looks forward to every night when he cuddles up with me at his side.  He can’t imagine not going to sleep without me. I do go to sleep with him, but I get up a few hours later to stay up all night.  Then, come morning, I take a short nap.  I nap out in the afternoons.  I nap out in the evenings.  Then, I nap to go to sleep with Peter, it seems.

That I don’t sleep with him upsets Peter to no end.  He accused me of avoiding him all day and night.  Am I losing interest in him?  Does it not please me in any way?  On and on the accusations go to display his anger at my not sleeping with him at night.  All I do is to try to assure him that I love him although I just can’t sleep.  I suppose there are enough reasons as to why I can’t sleep at regular times in a habitual manner.  Hm.


Safety at the Beach

With hordes of summer vacationers, bacteria and fungi in the sand, beaches aren't always as clean as you might expect. Here are a few basic hygiene tips and precautions to take when enjoying time on the sand.

Beaches and fine sand are home to many viruses, parasites and bacteria. Thankfully most of these are harmless. But, unlike seawater at regulated bathing spots, the quality and cleanliness of sand isn't tested or monitored, and some beaches are cleaner than others.
To prevent fungal infections, skin diseases and other irritations this summer, try getting into good hygiene habits with these simple tips:

- Don't lie down directly on the sand to limit the risk of fungal infections. Lay out a straw mat, a rug or a thin beach mat under your towel, which should be washed or changed frequently.
 Shower as soon as possible, preferably on the beach if showers are available, or at least wash your hands and feet before heading home. Wash bathing suits and towels as often as possible.

- Make sure babies and young children don't eat sand and don't put their hands in their mouths after touching or playing with sand.

- Use an antiseptic hand gel regularly to keep hands clean, especially before eating. Sand can be home to the eggs of pinworms and ascaris worms, spread by cats and dogs, which can lead to infestations in the gut. These are unpleasant but aren't usually serious.
- Don't let babies or children play on the beach with no nappy or swimsuit. Letting kids run around naked isn't hygienic. Little girls risk catching vulvitis, a benign infection of the genitals.

- Don't dig around in the sand with bare hands or dig deep, as the micro-organisms, fungi and parasites that live there could get stuck under your nails.

- Don't leave any leftover food, waste food or rubbish on the beach. Don't bury it either. Take it home or find a bin.
 Don't take your dog or pet to the beach. While each beach or locality may have its own rules on whether dogs are allowed on the beach, animals are often forbidden for hygiene reasons.

- Take extra care in the tropics. Bites and stings from sand fleas and sandflies can cause severe itching. Avoiding the beach around sunrise and sunset is particularly recommended.