It was the day that Peter was to come home from a stay in the General Hospital.  He was taken by ambulance on Sunday morning at 3:00 am for breathing trouble.  He was gasping for breath and the oxygen didn't help much.  Peter had sat in his office chair at his desk for over a day before he gave up and called for help.  I was so depressed that he didn't go to bed instead of just sitting in his chair.  He said later that he just couldn't walk that far to the bed at the opposite end of the apartment, about sixty feet away.

Peter didn't respond well by going to the General Hospital.  So, as well as the antibiotics and steroids given to him initially, they tried a new treatment.  He was to be given antibodies from healthy people or sugar water in a double blind test.  The group of test subjects might respond or not to the new test drug treatment.  As far as I am concerned, the doctors should have given him a real treatment because Peter was so desperate for any kind of help.

I have a trouble with the medical system and the people who are associated with it.  I know I am not doing well and I could easily have gone with Peter to the General Hospital.  I have what is called COPD or lung trouble.  I am sick but the doctors can't tell anyone exactly what is causing the trouble of breathing that I have.  Right.

I have a life long history of breathing contaminated dust and chemicals.  I grew up in an orchard that was sprayed twice a spring season with yellow sulphur dust to kill insects that would otherwise bother the tree crops.  I would play or just walk through tall grass at the base of those apple and prune trees I grew up with.    Then, I worked in factories for fifteen years.  The factories manufactured all kinds of products that required the use of chemicals in one way or another.  Then there were the twenty years of driving large trucks and tractor trailers.  I moved large amounts of products from one place to another.  Years of driving dumptrucks hauling all sorts of concrete, dirt, and other stuff was what I did.  I was often told, "Don't stop because the dust is contaminated and not good.  It would kill you if you breathed that dust"  Then there were the years that I drove long distances with all kinds of loads coming and going all over the continent.  Drive a thousand miles along a road and stop.  When you opened the rear doors, there would be a cloud of dust rolling out to spread all over the place.  Again, don't breathe the dust or it would kill you.  So, now I am a senior, retired from work because of disabilities and I now have breathing troubles.

How do you put all of that into one paragraph?  You can't.  So, the preceeding paragraph is extra long and full of content.  I have done a lot of things during my life and there is no way of shortening what I needed to write, type or whatever.  By the same token, I know that Peter has had just an exciting life that was chock full of all kinds of activities.  We are just a couple of disabled seniors, living as we do, trying to have what is left of our lives.  It is hard to suffer with no hope of an end to the troubles we have to live with.  There is no sense to it all of doing so much to make our civilization that much greater by our personal sacrifices and sufferings that come from what we have done.


It was the day that Peter was to come home from a stay in the General Hospital.  He was taken by ambulance on Sunday morning at 3:00 am for breathing trouble.  He was gasping for breath and the oxygen didn't help much.  Peter had sat in his office chair at his desk for over a day before he gave up and called for help.  I was so depressed that he didn't go to bed instead of just sitting in his chair.  He said later that he just couldn't walk that far to the bed at the opposite end of the apartment, about sixty feet away.

Peter didn't respond well by going to the General Hospital.  So, as well as the antibiotics and steroids given to him initially, they tried a new treatment.  He was to be given antibodies from healthy people or sugar water in a double blind test.  The group of test subjects might respond or not to the new test drug treatment.  As far as I am concerned, the doctors should have given him a real treatment because Peter was so desperate for any kind of help.

I have a trouble with the medical system and the people who are associated with it.  I know I am not doing well and I could easily have gone with Peter to the General Hospital.  I have what is called COPD or lung trouble.  I am sick but the doctors can't tell anyone exactly what is causing the trouble of breathing that I have.  Right.

I have a life long history of breathing contaminated dust and chemicals.  I grew up in an orchard that was sprayed twice a spring season with yellow sulphur dust to kill insects that would otherwise bother the tree crops.  I would play or just walk through tall grass at the base of those apple and prune trees I grew up with.    Then, I worked in factories for fifteen years.  The factories manufactured all kinds of products that required the use of chemicals in one way or another.  Then there were the twenty years of driving large trucks and tractor trailers.  I moved large amounts of products from one place to another.  Years of driving dumptrucks hauling all sorts of concrete, dirt, and other stuff was what I did.  I was often told, "Don't stop because the dust is contaminated and not good.  It would kill you if you breathed that dust"  Then there were the years that I drove long distances with all kinds of loads coming and going all over the continent.  Drive a thousand miles along a road and stop.  When you opened the rear doors, there would be a cloud of dust rolling out to spread all over the place.  Again, don't breathe the dust or it would kill you.  So, now I am a senior, retired from work because of disabilities and I now have breathing troubles.

How do you put all of that into one paragraph?  You can't.  So, the preceeding paragraph is extra long and full of content.  I have done a lot of things during my life and there is no way of shortening what I needed to write, type or whatever.  By the same token, I know that Peter has had just an exciting life that was chock full of all kinds of activities.  We are just a couple of disabled seniors, living as we do, trying to have what is left of our lives.  It is hard to suffer with no hope of an end to the troubles we have to live with.  There is no sense to it all of doing so much to make our civilization that much greater by our personal sacrifices and sufferings that come from what we have done.



You may be running around completing last-minute errands, but there are complicated domestic issues to address which can no longer be ignored. Mercury the Messenger turns retrograde in your 4th House of Family, potentially delivering some messages to the wrong address. Double-check your holiday plans to circumvent confusion and unmet expectations. If you feel like you're running out of steam, take preventative measures to avoid exhaustion ruining your holidays. Be wise and do the right thing before it's no longer a choice.

Another day of rest passes by while two Klingon Birds of Prey float above my desktop manufacturing area.  The Birds of Prey are not finished with their outer paint schemes.  Trying to match up the colours from previous sessions of painting is far more difficult than can be imagined.  It is an art of mixing colours to match up with previously mixed paints.  I took the trouble to buy new paint brushes and trim them to my liking.  It is not an easy thing to trim brushes.  I have very fine brushes to use for the details that need to be done very carefully.  Masking out the areas to be painted can’t be done because of the limitations of size.  So with my shaking fingers, I do the fine details to the best of my ability.

The two Klingon Birds of Prey are plastic scale kit models by AMT corporation.  One kit comes with all of the materials to complete the kit model.  Both effort and time are needed to work up the model according to the detailed schematic directions.  I have used the second model to learn with and then gone back to the first model with the learned skills.  It is a learning process to develop the skills of managing the arts needed to complete the details to satisfaction.    


8 Cold-Weather Survival Skills Everyone Should Know 

Every year, extreme winter weather claims the lives of North Americans. Last year, two Canadian hikers were rescued by forest rangers after getting disoriented hiking through deep snow in the Adirondacks and Sgt. Mark Salesse was killed while ice climbing in Alberta, after an avalanche swept him away.

Even if you’re not an outdoor adventure enthusiast, unexpected heavy snowfall or adverse weather conditions can turn a routine winter walk or cross-country ski into a disastrous outing. When snow makes familiar surroundings seem strange, one wrong turn down a snowshoe trail can turn perilous.

Being prepared for worst-case winter scenarios in the woods is key. But there’s no need to re-watch every episode of Survivorman in preparation. Instead, learn the eight basic cold-weather survival skills below.

1. How to dress properly. To avoid overheating and excessive sweating, dress in loose layers. Bottom layers should be natural fibres, while your outer layers should be waterproof. And, as your mom always reminded you, don’t forget your hat and an extra pair of dry socks.

2. How to build a fire in winter. Staying warm and dry is your first priority. Knowing how to build a winter campfire with limited supplies will greatly increase your chances of survival.

3. How to keep warm. Trying to find your way out of a sticky situation can result in hypothermia or frostbite. Instead, avoid perspiration and conserve your energy. Stay out of the wind and if you have company, cuddle up. Engage in light activity to increase circulation and warmth.

4. How to signal distress. Orientation skills may be handy, but you’re more likely to be found if you stay in one spot. Smoke from your fire will provide a major clue, but learn how to whistle to signal distress (with three sharp blasts). Three is the magic number—you can also create three piles of leaves or three piles of rocks that can be seen from the air.

5. How to find a safe source of water. Clean, melted snow is an obvious way to stay hydrated. In the absence of snow, look for running water. If you have a way to boil water, it should be heated for three minutes in rolling boil to ensure it’s purified.

6. How to find or create shelter. When staying dry and warm is your number one concern, shelter that keeps you out of the wind and snow is key. While natural shelters such as caves or fallen trees may exist, knowing how to build a snow shelter, snow trench, or a brush shelter can save your life. Check out these step-by-step guides on how to build a snow cave and how to make a quinzhee, which is better for areas with less snow.

7. How to eat. Knowing how to find nourishment can save your life. But if we’ve taken anything from Into the Wild, it’s that learning how to identify wild mushrooms and berries is difficult. What’s really important here is knowing which snacks to pack on your next winter hike. In these situations, it’s all about the calories and fat—think shortbread, hot cocoa, cheese, butter, etc. Sure, you can’t live off this stuff all the time, but it’s sure to help keep you warm.

8. How to focus and clear your mind. Boredom and loneliness can make an already terrifying situation unbearable. Fatigue and fear can distort your thinking, cloud your mind, and prevent you from making good survival decisions. Meditation or mindfulness techniques are skills that may just help you survive the night.



Hot and cold, stop and go -- the flipping and flopping of energy today is mildly infuriating. One moment you're given the green light and the next you're pulled over for speeding. As unpleasant as it is to deal with restrictions and limitations, sometimes it's a blessing in disguise that keeps you from rushing into an unwise decision. The dynamic Aries Moon parties with unpredictable Uranus in your 7th House of Relationships, so don't be surprised if things heat up with your partner or a new attraction rattles your cage.

Today was a quiet day for me as I slept through a snow flurry and otherwise a bright sunny day.  I did have a bath as usual but just not at the usual time.  Later in  the evening, our slave showed up for a rare visit and romp as much as we dared with the house guests coming and going.  Still, we had a nice supper together and chocolates sweetened the evening.  All good things end far too soon and so did our evening visit.  Oh well, such is life, eh?

I was able to use the new brushes I bought and also the flat black paint for some details of the Bird of Prey.  I should not have used as much silver paint as I did on both the Birds of Prey.  It makes a difference with the outlines of the trim and edges of platelets outlined upon the fuselage, wings, and such.  Oh well, I was so excited to have two Klingon Birds of Prey in my possession.  

I have sorely neglected the two balsa wood planes that I had begun building.  There is so much to be done to clean up the elevator surfaces of both the FW-190 and the P-51 sitting on the red desk.  The red desk look so cluttered with pieces of both planes scattered about.  I do want to get away from my addiction to the Klingon warbirds.  As a side note, I found the scale that approximates the same scale used by Guillow’s Mfg for their kits.  It means that instead of sixteen inch wings, it would be almost four feet of wings for a Klingon Bird of Prey.  I would be so impressed by such a large project.



Something is out of whack today, and everyone acts as if they're ready to defend their opinions at the slightest provocation. The tender Pisces Moon puts you in touch with your emotions, but your optimistic bubble might be easily burst now. However, your artful ruler, Venus, is here to deliver some much-needed diplomacy and help you maintain the peace, both within yourself and with those you love. Focusing on expressing your creative side rather than engaging in meaningless squabbles inspires others to do the same.

Today started off by sleeping in at 5:00 am.  I woke up and went to the bathroom thereby waking up Peter, who checked the time.  He realized that Alison and Les had slept in for their usual wake up times to go to work.  Peter volunteered me to take Alison to work so that she could get to work in a timely fashion.  

It worked out well, except for the fact that the owner summed up Alison’s application tests during the day before as inadequate enough to let Alison go.  Definitely there was something not jibbing smoothly between employer and employee.  Alison was just as happy to move on instead of fighting for the job,  However she did complain about the employer to the person helping her find employment.

Meanwhile, Peter and I went down to the Kilborn Medical clinic.  Unfortunately there was no parking available so we went home with the idea of returning on our electric wheelchairs.  While we were going uphill to the clinic, the mist of rain turned into snow, not so misty.  The snowfall didn’t deter the warmth and friendliness of the nurses at the clinic who took blood for tests.  As usual, the nurse who took blood from me was as expert at her craft as anyone could be. 



Shaking off the blahs is tricky today if you are feeling a little under the weather. You could even feel sorry for yourself while delusional Neptune mingles with the emotional Moon, especially if you're working too hard and not being appreciated for your contribution. Try not to fall into an unwarranted victim mindset where everything seems unfair; instead, take balance into your own hands, and remain grounded in your thoughts. What you think about, you bring about.

Today is a bright warm day for December.  I stayed up all night and into the afternoon simply because I wasn’t sleepy enough to go to sleep.  I haven’t done much other than to watch movies and play Freecell.  I could have done so much else other than to virtually waste time as I have.  At least I have one Klingon Bird of Prey built and painted hanging from my swing lamp.  


Epsom salt isn't actually the table salt we all know. The mineral mixture, named for a saline spring in England, is actually a combination of magnesium and sulfate. This popular mineral is touted for its health benefits as well as uses in cleaning and gardening projects, according to SaltWorks.
You can use Epsom salt in dozens of ways for health, beauty and cleaning projects. Check out just a few of the beauty and health hacks below you can do with this mineral, according to DIY  & Crafts.

1. Clean your hair: If your hair is particularly greasy, you can pull excess oils right out by adding a bit of Epsom salt to your shampoo. Wash and rinse as usual.
2. Foot scrub: Winter weather can leave toes and feet dry, cracked and gross. Get rid of dry skin by combining a cup of Epsom salt with olive oil, castile soap and some essential oils and scrubbing your feet once or twice a week.
3. Bye bye frizz, hello volume: Mix equal parts hair conditioner and Epsom salt together. Heat the mixture in a pan. Then starting at the roots and working your way down, massage the mixture into your hair. Let set for 20 minutes and rinse. This works great for getting rid of frizz and adding volume to your hair.  
4. Wash your face: Mix Epsom salt with liquid soap or face cream. Rub gently into your skin and rinse. You'll get a moisture boost and remove dead skin cells.
5. Deflake the lips: Mix a bit of Epsom salt with petroleum jelly and massage it into your lips to remove dead skin cells.
6. Ease a headache: If you have an aching head after a rough day at the office (or with the kids), try soaking in an Epsom salt bath. The salt-soaked bath can help relieve tension in your muscles and ease your headache.
7. Nix tummy troubles: Help ease constipation symptoms by drinking a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water. The magnesium should help get things flowing again.
8. Have a better morning after: If you had a little too much red wine last night, you can ease hangover symptoms. Sip a teaspoon in a bit of water to help flush out your system. Make sure to drink tons of water to stay hydrated, though!
9. Fade a bruise: Skip the raw meat compress and grab the Epsom salt instead. Mix two tablespoons of Epsom salt with a little water and apply it to the bruised area.
10. Get more shut-eye: Soak in an Epsom salt bath for about 20 minutes before dozing off to help you relax and loosen up for a better night's sleep.
11. Ease muscle pain: Enjoy an Epsom salt bath after a hard day at the gym or working in the yard to alleviate muscle soreness and speed recovery.
12. Remove a splinter: Apply salt to the skin over the splinter to help pull it to the surface. Bid a fond farewell to the painful tweezer method!
Wellness Mama and SaltWorks offer a few suggestions for using Epsom salt around the house and garden:
13. Plant fertilizer: Add one tablespoon of salt to tomato plant soil to encourage bigger plant growth.
14. Clean the bathroom: Mix one part Epsom salt with one part liquid dish soap, and scrub grout and tile well.
15. Water your houseplants: Mix a few tablespoons of Epsom salt with water and feed your plants as usual.
16. Deter Slugs: Sprinkle a bit of Epsom salt onto the patio to keep slugs at bay on rainy days.
17. Boost your roses: Add a tablespoon of Epsom salt to your soil to promote healthier roses.
18. Clean the washer: Fill your washing machine with hot water. Add Epsom salt and run a regular cycle to get rid of buildup on the insides of the machine.
19. Protect your plants: Add Epson salt to your grass and plants to keep bugs at bay.
20. Green up your grass: Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and sprinkle it on your grass to keep it green. The magnesium prevents yellowing.


Useful uses of Vick’s Vapour Rub can be very practical in so many ways:

1. Headaches
For standard headaches, AnswersVideo (in the video below) suggests applying some Vicks to your temples for quick pain relief. If you're suffering from a sinus headache instead, Livestrong recommends putting ointment under your nose and breathing in slowly and deeply.
2. Muscle aches
Massage Vicks (get here) over the muscles that are causing pain, then wrap them in a dry, warm towel for a while, according to LiveStrong.
3. Soothe earaches
An earache can be a symptom of an ear infection, but it can also be an effect of a common cold, states WebMD. Even while following doctor-recommended care to fight the cause, the pain can make daily activities difficult, particularly going to sleep. Home Remedies for Life lists a cotton ball with Vicks VapoRub as a simple home remedy to ease the pain. Simply rub a little on a cotton ball and place it in the ear all night or until the pain has subsided.
4. Toenail fungus
Infected toenails should be rubbed with VapoRub two to three times a day for as long as is needed, eHow reports. The process may take several weeks to months.
5. Cracked heels
Apply Vicks to the heels and balls of your feet, then massage it into the damaged areas. Do this in the evening, then sleep with socks on. The next morning, rinse the product off with warm water and exfoliate with a pumice stone, Livestrong suggests. Vicks is available for purchase here.
6. Repel bugs
AnswersVideo suggests applying light amounts of Vicks to clothing and skin to scare bugs away. If you get bitten anyway, try rubbing some ointment on that spot for itch relief.
7. Keep animals at bay
Cats will stay away from furniture dabbed with Vicks, helping you keep your couch, doors and curtains scratch-free.
8. Heal bruises and minor cuts
Apply a thin layer of Vicks and salt to bruises. The combination will help your blood circulate faster and dissolve the bruise mark in shorter amounts of time, according to Livestrong. AnswersVideo also suggests rubbing the ointment around small cuts to improve healing. However, eHow warns against applying the product to open wounds and damaged skin, so be careful with this one.
Want to get Vicks? Available for purchase here. 



Your notorious ambivalence is a bigger problem for others than it is for you. However, the ever-changing Moon's return to your sign is annoying if you thought you already made up your mind about your feelings. You might wish you took decisive action early in the day because your certainty seems to fade as the hours tick by. But things happen (or don't happen) for a reason. It's better to wait until you're sure than to regret an overly passionate but premature reaction. Silence can be a source of great strength


According to a new study, researchers have found 2 humongous structures located 2,896 kilometers below the surface of our planet.

The structures are around 100 times TALLER than Mount Everest, and their origin and exact composition is unknown.

The huge, continent-sized blobs are located on top of Earth’s core and are now believed to be made of a different material than that which comprises the rest of the mantle.

Unknown structures below the surface of our planet

Deep within our planet; researchers have discovered a number of things that were believed to be impossible half a century ago. It turns out that there are some cavities which lead inside our planet, these ‘so-called’ entrances are found all around the planet.

Recently, researchers have also confirmed the existence of an unknown oxygen source beneath Earths mantle and a gigantic ocean located nearly 700 kilometers below the surface.

As you can see, our planet is fascinating from the inside out.

The origin and composition of the blob-like structures remain a mystery say, scientists.

Now, a new study has discovered two massive blob-like structures each one around 100 times TALLER than Mount Everest. These contents sized blobs sit on top of our planet’s core, 2896 kilometres below the surface.

Scientists believe that these gigantic bizarre structures could help shed light on how our planet came into existence and could also explain the mechanisms that are responsible for volcanic eruptions and plate tectonics.

The more we learn, it seems the less we know, as many more questions are being asked.

This discovery of Arizona State University researchers is described ni a paper published in the Journal Nature Geoscience.

Interestingly, to the surprise of many, these structures are located on OPPOSITE sides of our planet. One of the structures is found below the Pacific Ocean while the other one is located beneath the Atlantic Ocean.

Some researchers refer to these as ‘thermochemical piles,’and for years it has been thought that these structures were made up of mantle materials, though warmer than average.

The new study provides further clues indicating that these structures can be chemically distinctive.

The gigantic blob-like structures are located on top of Earth’s core and are believed to be composed of a different material than that which comprises the rest of the mantle.
The gigantic blob-like structures are located on top of Earth’s core and are believed to be composed of a different material than that which comprises the rest of the mantle.
According to the newly published paper, the structures contain materials that were pushed down by place tectonics and could have even been made of remnants from our planet’s formation nearly 4.5 billion years ago,

‘While the origin and composition of the blobs are yet unknown, we suspect they hold important clues as to how Earth was formed and how it works today,’ said Edward Garnero, of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University.

According to researchers, there is still a lot to be learned from the mysterious structures, but new data proves these blob-like structures are much denser than the surrounding mantle materials.

With further research planned in the region, the team of scientists predicts that the mysterious origins will soon be revealed.

‘If a neuroscientist found an unknown structure in the human brain, the whole community of brain scientists, from psychologists to surgeons, would actively pursue understanding its role in the function of the whole system,’ Garnero said.

‘As the thermochemical piles come into sharper focus, we hope other Earth scientists will explore how these features fit into the big puzzle of planet Earth.’



We are wise to stick to the facts today while retrograde Mercury slips between the Earth and the Sun in back-to-basics Taurus. Rational Mercury requires us to communicate succinctly, but language won't convey everything even with the Moon in chatty Gemini. There is magic beyond the real world for us to experience while romantic Venus aligns with dreamy Neptune. The Moon's shift into moody Cancer at 1:23 pm EDT reminds us to honour our feelings.

I woke up at about 10:00 pm with severe foot cramps.  I made the walk into the livingroom to my desk.  I spotted the foot exerciser under Peter’s desk and decided to use it.  The exerciser was set to program A and clicked to run for forty minutes. I was relieved of the cramps and wide awake for the rest of the morning.

The updates of Microsoft finally downloaded by 7:00 am.  I know that there are other updates to get once I have the list of programs installed.  At least I can keep up with my blogs and other habitual activities.  It is hard to break the habits I have evolved over the years.  I am sure that StupidTwo will be able to do the tasks I want done.  Reading, writing, and especially learning are on the top of my activities lists.    



Someone's actions may seem too abrupt today, stirring up old feelings of abandonment. But your current sense of rejection might be more connected to your past than to the present moment. It's possible that others are just as emotionally overwhelmed and frustrated as you because they cannot easily express what's going on in their hearts either. Words are not to be trusted now; however, your behavior clearly tells your story. Take the high road and see who follows.

At about 6:00 am, the phone alarm went off as usual in it's way, just far too early to be comfortable.  It is today that I will undergo a procedure to biopsy whatever is going on in my abdomen.  I have been very sick for over a year and still no relief.  Maybe there will be some answers to be found by invasive surgery.  Who knows.

Seven hours after leaving home we returned.  I was not told much of what was expected to be done at the hospital.  An ultrasound was taken to see what was in m abdomen.  It showed that there was nothing out of place worth any surgery.  I was then told to get dressed and go home.  So, it was a roundabout way to get to home.

We took the bus to the hospital but we left on our electric wheelchairs.  It was a long walk from the hospital to the Herongate mall on Walkley road.   We went to Food Basics, the Dollar store and finally the pharmacy.  We spent a total of four hours shopping in the different stores.  And, there was a wait at the pharmacy for some prescriptions to be filled.

From Herongate mall we went to the Billings Bridge mall.  There were a few things to buy and no cats to visit at the Pet Store.  We did get chicken tenders and fries at the Independent Store.  That was a delicious treat for lunch at home.  After eating some chicken tenders and fries, we sat at our desks to catch up on the messages of the Internet.  After about an hour of time at our desks, we trundled off to bed.

I have returned to my work on the Spitfire.  I mounted a wire for a tailwheel.  Then, I set about making a tailwheel of wood and a cushioning of Goop glue for a tire.  I let the first application of Goop dry before putting on a second coating of Goop to round out the makeshift tire.  With some paint, the homemade tire will look presentable,

Time waiting for Goop to dry was used to work on the nose of the Spitfire.  I glued layers of balsa wood together to make a wall shaped to the outline of the plastic nose cone.  The oval shape was drilled to allow the mounting of four bamboo toothpicks as pins to hold the nose to the fuselage.  I had to apply a bit of Liquid Wood filler to refine the shape of the balsa wood wall to fit perfectly to the nose cone.  The Wood filler was thinned with a  small dribble of coffee and had to be left to dry.  It seems that the thinning of the Wood filler was a good idea that worked.




You're often considered the champions of harmony and grace, but you aren't feeling so accommodating today. Roll with the sudden shifts of energy, even if you have trouble putting your finger on the source of the disruptions. If you can't wrap your mind around an idea someone suggests now, don't judge it too quickly. It's essential to your growth to remain open to radical change and a new perspective offers you a chance to build something real and lasting. Let your sense of humor and curious mind run the show.

We long to express our feelings creatively today while the theatrical Leo Moon encourages drama. The Moon's Grand Fire Trine with Saturn in inspirational Sagittarius and irrepressible Uranus in enterprising Aries makes this a propitious time to initiate action on new projects. But a series of fateful aspects can complicate simple interactions with a surprise or two. Being ready for the unexpected is a smart strategy, but isn't always possible.

It is a cold clear day with temperatures hovering about the freezing level.  I am suffering with sweats and weakness that won't allow me to make it from my office chair to either bath or bed,.  Peter made bacon and eggs breakfast with coffee and toast that I couldn't finish.  I went through a spell of cleaning out my stomach three times.  I didn't like what I brought up so I am glad I got rid of a lot of gunk I just couldn't digest.  My weight is about 129 lbs and I feel good carrying that weight.  Talk about the battle I am having with keeping my health up and going.   

Twister is lazing around out of sight somewhere.  I found Twister a few times and even had a full combing session with her.  I did have a lot of fur to remove from her.  Twister just lazes around and seldom plays with any of her toys on the floor.  I don't know what to do about getting her interest up and going again.  I think that Twister is chubby because she doesn't get any exercise.  For that matter, I don't get enough exercise either.

I have found a few programs on Chrome that can help me to blog.  I have a lot of things to blog about and I should be doing something about writing more.  I have a batch of pictures about my latest project of the ship Santa Maria.  I have spent six months building the ship from a kit sold by Lee Valley Tools.  I have done more with the kit than what was originally intended by the kit creators.  Perhaps it might be in the best interests of the sales staff of Lee Valley Tools that I inform them of the work I have done with this particular kit.



Although you might be satisfied with the overall direction of your life, there are specific goals that for some reason are not being achieved. You know what you want to do but might not have the ability to pay your way now. Someone close to you could act impulsively today, adding to your emotional stress. Your innate ability to roll with the uncertain circumstances is your best defense. Stay loose and maintain your sense of humor; a little flexibility about your material desires will help you move through the day with grace.

Change is in the air as mental Mercury and macho Mars move into new signs. Mercury's shift into dreamy Pisces creates uncertainty and confuses rational thought. Mars pushes into fiery Sagittarius tonight, inspiring us to undertake major projects. We are further lured into the future by the Moon's entry into progressive Aquarius at 11:22 am EST. However, we must slow down and work hard to overcome obstacles as the Sun squares taskmaster Saturn.

It has been another slow day that has seen some progress.  I woke and took a bath before breakfast.  It was a small thing to go back to sleep.  Late in the day, before the sun set, I woke to begin my day.  My fingers are burnt by glue on my finger tips and thumbs.  I might have to wait a week or so to heal up my thin skin areas that show red.

I watched two movies in the afternoon.  Both movies had memory glitches at about half way through playing.  It was frustrating to try finding a way through whatever the roadblock was that stopped the media player.  I suspect that there was a background program that failed to load, got hung up or something.



Complaining about all your work won't help your cause in the least today. Fortunately, you receive help from the Sun's alignment with imaginative Neptune in your 6th House of Routine as it casts a dreamy light on your current responsibilities. Rather than focusing on the present moment, share your vision of what life will be like once you finally finish your chores. But talking about your plans isn't enough, so roll up your sleeves now and get busy. The sooner you start, the sooner you can move on to the good stuff.

We are fascinated by the lure of fantasy today as the compassionate Pisces Sun hooks up with surreal Neptune. We grow more aware of the spiritual side of love as our dreams overflow with imaginative images. The passionate Scorpio Moon deepens our emotions as she forms harmonious connections with the Sun and Neptune. However, Venus and Mercury linger in conceptual Aquarius, preventing us from completely losing ourselves in unattainable fantasies.

It is the last day of the month of February. We had snow flurries and a high of minus eight Celsius. The cloudy day was cold and dim for a miserable time to endure. I have on four layers of underpants beneath my jeans. And, I am wearing my insulated winter boots. It makes a difference if your feet and back don't feel the cold penetrating all of the extra clothing.


Leonardo da Vinci, was an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer. He is considered one of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known. His visions and deeds were far beyond of those of men in his time and most of our technology can be credited to him; he is known as a universal genius. Here we have a few things you should know about this genius:

Even though he is more commonly know as just Leonardo da Vinci, his full name is Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 Vinci, Republic of Florence present-day Italy, and he died on May 2, 1519 aged 67 in
Amboise, Kingdom of France.

Even thought he was an inventor way ahead of his time, Leonardo da Vinci was and is, renowned primarily as a painter.

Leonardo’s most famous painting of the 1490’s is considered to be the The Last Supper; many claim that there are hidden meanings inside this painting. It is also considered the most reproduced religious painting of all time.

Leonardo’s earliest known drawing is believed to be the Arno Valley, 1473.
One of his most famous drawings is perhaps that of the Vitruvian Man which is also regarded as a cultural icon used in literature, coins and merchandise. The drawing of the Vitruvian Man and text that accompanies it are sometimes referred to as the Canon of Proportions or, Proportions of Man.

Even though he invented numerous utilities and machines some of the most important inventions were the flying machines, armored vehicle, concentrated solar power, an adding machine.

He made important discoveries in anatomy, civil engineering, optics, and hydrodynamics but for some reason never decided to publish his papers.
The Annunciation is one of Leonardo’s most mysterious paintings, even though he did not start it, Leonardo finished the painting. The mysterious part is attributed to the fact that when analyzed under x-rays, the Angel that Leonardo painted becomes… Invisible.

Few people know that Leonardo has a “gap” in his life; between 1476 to 1478; when he was just beginning to come into prominence, Leonardo da Vinci vanished without a trace, no one knows about his whereabouts during that time.

After returning from his mystery trip; Leonardo produced aerial maps of Italian cities with an incredible accuracy.

It was after this time when he designed the first self-propelled vehicle.
From 1513 to 1516 Leonardo began performing an act that– during the time– was a crime punishable by death: the dissection of human corpses, and he did that in the Vatican. The Vatican had these great catacombic depths, they were very cool places, and he took advantage on that and knew that it would be an ideal place to dissect a body without losing it to decomposition.

It is known that a number of autopsies were performed in the Vatican and under the nose of the Pope; the irony right?

He was smart, ahead of his time. In the 36 months that Leonardo da Vinci spent at the Vatican, he documented dozens of dissections with incredible detail, but in order to keep his work secret, his notes on human anatomy were recorded in code, using mirror writing. Click here if you want to see how mirror writing works.
He was obsessed with the Mona Lisa painting. He spent over 16 years working on the smallest details of this relatively small portrait of, what is thought to be Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel can be found in the British Library.
Leonardo rarely wrote about his personal life. Leonardo da vinci recorded only two childhood incidents; when a kite dropped from the sky and hovered over his cradle, its tail feathers brushing his face and while he was exploring in the mountains: he discovered a cave and was both terrified that some great monster might lurk there.

Leonardo da Vinci was left handed,that created a problem when it comes to writing back then as the hand crossed the page it would smudge the still wet text.

Leonardo basically invented the modern day weaponry that our military uses today.

It is no surprise that Leonardo had incredible drawings of machines capable of flight since, for much of his life, da Vinci was fascinated by the phenomenon of flight, producing many studies of the flight of birds, including his c. 1505 Codex on the Flight of Birds.

Even though Leonardo da Vinci drew the parachute he did not invent it as the oldest parachute design actually appears in an anonymous manuscript that dates to the 1470s in Renaissance Italy.

Leonardo managed to make over 240 detailed drawings and wrote about 13,000 words towards a treatise on anatomy. This was mostly thanks to formal training in the anatomy of the human body while he was an apprentice to Andrea del Verrocchio.

Leonardo da Vinci created the first mechanical robot(s); he constructed the Mechanical knight and the mechanical lion.

Leonardo da Vinci invented the firs system of moveable barricades to protect a city from attack.


These are the health benefits of apple cedar vinegar:

Arthritis – combined with honey it can be used for treating arthritis. You can apply it externally for treating joint pain. You can drink a glass of water with 2 tsp of AVC and 2 tsp of honey 3 times a day. The affected place can be soaked in a solution of ACV for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day (1/4 cup of ACV and ½ cup of water). The poultice can also be made by soaking a cloth in a mixture of ACV and water and then wrap the place, securing it with a dry cloth to retain the heat. When the wet cloth cools down, wring it out in the hot solution and apply a fresh one. Repeat this procedure for a couple of times.

Eczema – Take the usual dosage of ACV and honey with water and consume it 3 times a day with your meals. You can apply diluted ACV to the skin for a couple of times a day (1 tsp to a half cup of water). Do not take salt because it will aggravate the condition considerably. People who suffer from eczema are usually potassium deficient.

Asthma – add 1 tbsp. of ACV in a glass of water and sip it for half an hour. Repeat the treatment after another half hour. If the wheezing still persists then you can take a second glass. A beneficial treatment can be deep breathing exercises.
Blood loss – in circumstances where the blood flow is too free and is too persistent like a nose bleeding without any apparent reason, then you can take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 3 times per day. It will aid in restoring the natural clotting properties of the blood.

Colitis – add 2 tsp of ACV and honey with water 3 times per day. An enema of a tsp or more of molasses can also help.

Tired and sore eyes – take 2 tsp of both ACV and honey should be put in a glass of water, 3 times per day. The onset of the tired and sore eyes will be retarded.
Fatigue – when chronic fatigue appears then it means that the body needs attention. Most of the people affected with this condition do not have enough sleep. In order to cure a poor quality sleep, you can consume honey as it acts as a sedative to the body. After you take it, 20 minutes will be enough for it to be digested and absorbed in the body. It is a predigested sugar that has been digested in the stomach of the honey bee, requiring no effort on the part of the human stomach for digestion. Make a mixture of 3 tsp of ACV to a cup of honey and keep it by your bedside. Take the mixture before you go to bed. It will induce sound sleep within 1 hour. If you don’t fall asleep, then repeat the procedure.

Hearing – take the normal dosage of ACV 3 times per day.

Hemorrhages – ACV helps in blood clot more easily. If a person consumes ACV regularly and cuts themselves, then the wound will dry up almost instantly. If the wounds do not heal quickly, then you can take 2 tsp of ACV mixed with half or a whole glass of water at mealtimes and in between. 6 glasses are needed for the whole day. You can apply a very weak solution of ACV and water over the wound and the cut.

High blood pressure – health will be maintained if you are prepared to adjust the living and eating habits as ACV is not the cure, but is only a way towards a healthier and happier life. 2 tsp of ACV and honey should be mixed in a glass of water and be consumed 3-4 times a day.

– you should drink 1 tsp of ACV neat, or take ACV mixed with water before mealtimes to prevent its occurrence.

Heartburn – it usually happens after eating, or up to 2 hours later. Take the usual dosage of ACV and water before the meals.

Headaches – some headaches are associated with organic disorders like kidney troubles, others are psychogenic, or tension headaches. There is also the migraine. Honey can help in relieving the pain from headaches. You can prevent the attack by taking 2 tsp of it at each meal. You can also take ACV in equal parts with water, placing it into a small basin on a stove and let it boil slowly. When the fume starts to rise, place your head over it and inhale 50-80 breaths. It will alleviate the pain considerably, if not entirely.

Varicose veins – apply undiluted ACV to the affected area in the mornings and in the evenings. Massage well towards the heart. Take ACV and honey 3 times a day (2 tsp each in a glass of water).

Itchy scalp – make a solution of ACV (1 tsp) and a glass of water and dip your comb in it. Then comb your hair thoroughly until saturated. Perform it 15 minutes before you wash your hair. The method will help in removing dandruff.
External application – ACV is great for cleaning the body, so you can take a bath where you’ll add 1 tsp of ACV to half a glass of water. Pour some mixture into your palm (previously cupped) and put a palmful mixture in the bath. Your skin will return its glory.

Teeth – ACV can help in removing tartar deposits. You can brush your teeth with it to whiten them up. Use 1 tsp of ACV in a glass of water for the mouthwash and repeat the procedure every night until you receive the required results. Drink ACV to prevent teeth decay, sore gums, or ulcerated gums, but make sure the solution is not too strong.

A sore throat – gargle a mixture of 1 tsp of ACV and water every hour. The second mouthful should be swallowed. Repeat it every hour until the condition improves.

Coughs – 2 tsp of ACV and 2 of honey mixed in a glass of water should be taken before meals, or when the irritation occurs. You can keep a glass of the same mixture by your bed so that you can take sips in the evening if the attack appears.

Nervousness – take a glassful of water combined with 2 tsp each of ACV and honey, 3 times per day. Eliminate any refined flour and sugar form our diet.
Shingles – ACV will alleviate pain from shingles if applied 6 times per day to the affected area (make diluted mixture). You can consume the usual dosage internally.

Obesity – take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water each morning before the meal and also during the day over a period of some time. Sip the drink during the meal to prevent overeating and promote digestion.

Stuffy nose – ACV can be used as an inhalant. Use the method just like the one for headaches. This treatment will help you remove congestion and any inflammation which may result from the excessive accumulation of mucous.
Nail issues – cider vinegar helps in making the nails stronger and healthier. Each white spot on the nail will be eliminated. Take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 3 times a day.

Menstruation – cider vinegar therapy will regulate and normalize profuse bleeding. Take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 3 times a day. Plenty of water should be taken during the period because it will help in speedy elimination.
Mucous discharges – take the usual dosage 3 times a day before the meals. Eliminate rye, corn, and wheat from your diet.

Hair loss – hair falls out because of a tissue salt deficiency, so the ACV with its properties will re-establish a natural balance and supply the deficiencies where needed. It will maintain the hair’s natural growth and cease the fall out as well as help it grow more rapidly and thickly. It will take 2 months so perseverance is needed. Take 1 tsp of ACV in a glass of water between the meals. You can use the vinegar externally for treating dandruff.

Kidneys and bladder – take 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water 6 times a day. Drink a couple of glasses of water in the mornings with 1 tsp of ACV in each drink. You can also consume comfrey tea in the morning with a tsp of ACV for sufficient cleansing action.

Hay fever – there is an excess of fluid which the body tries to offload during this condition. Take 1 tbsp. of honey after each meal for a fortnight before the onset of the hay fever season. Then take the ordinary dosage of these 2 ingredients: 2 tsp of ACV and 2 of honey in a glass of water, 3 times a day. Maintain the dosage during the day.

Food poisoning – people who regularly consume ACV will never suffer any side effects from food poisoning due to the vinegar’s antiseptic quality that seems to render noxious food harmless.

Ear discharge – it usually occurs during childhood. 1 tsp of ACV should be put into a glass of water and be consumed mid-morning and mid afternoon. The issue will disappear shortly.

Dizziness – take 2 tsp of ACV along with 2 tsp of honey in a glass of hot water 3 times per day. Do not expect instant results because nature works slowly, but effectively. While you progress the intensity if the condition will lessen.

Diarrhea – ACV helps with digestion, assimilation, and elimination of food. It is an antiseptic to the intestines and the whole of the digestive tract. You can prepare this treatment: take 1 tsp of ACV in a glass of water and consume it between the meals. 6 glasses during the whole day should be taken. Diarrhea is actually a natural attempt of the body to eliminate poison which irritates the digestive tract. No drugs should be taken to suppress these healing symptoms. ACV will lessen the intensity, allowing the natural course of elimination take place.

Source: www.greentreemedic.com



Too much resistance from a friend or coworker doesn't give you an excuse to sulk and brood today. Don't isolate yourself from your companions just because you think that everything isn't copacetic between you. It may be tempting to hide your feelings from those closest to you, but this avoidance tactic is not a satisfying solution. Confronting the shortcomings of a relationship might put you back in touch with what you admire about each other the most.

Love might seem scarce today, but we may be pleasantly surprised if we slow down and look beyond surface appearances. It's tempting to show our displeasure by withdrawing emotionally as the austere Venus-Saturn conjunction resonates through our lives. Blending the warmth of Venus with the coldness of Saturn requires hard work. Meanwhile, the Moon's shift into goal-oriented Capricorn at 10:06 am EST confirms that there are no shortcuts to happiness.

The past few days were occupied by a visit from our dear friend. We were able to get this place cleaned up and looking at it's best once more. This happens every time our dear friend visits us. We would not do as well without frequent visits with our dear friend. We even managed to get out a few times and once included a meal at Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen in the Herongate mall. We had a great time during the visits with our dear friend.

The work on the ship Santa Maria slowed down during the past few days. The masts and spars were broken and glued together, painted and placed on the upper decks. I planned a placement of windows in the stern. I am ready to spray paint the upper decks with a matte clear paint finish. The upper decks will be the original colour of white wood and light brown paint on the railings and sides. I will have to wait until the weather warms up enough to be outside for the few minutes it will take to paint. Hopefully that won't be too long from now.

I am close to finishing up with the making of anchor pulleys for the rigging. It seems easy enough to do, only time consuming and boringly numb with repetition. I have taken only a few pictures of the work I have done. It is easy enough to simply say I was still busy making anchor pulleys for the rigging. The task of knowing when to stop before boredom sets in is a trick. So far it has taken a month to get all of the anchor pulleys made as I wanted with three strings glued across each one.



Expressing yourself in a radically different manner becomes your top priority today. Although you might be conservative in your taste, you're still tempted to flirt with the edge now. You feel the need to make a bold statement to prevent others from putting you into a nice and tidy box. Your actions may surprise people who think they know you well, but don't let their reactions stifle your creativity. You often take your cues from someone else's direction, but it's time to throw all the old scripts away. Dance with the unknown and make it up as you go along.

We're eager to experiment with eccentric behavior today without worrying about the possible repercussions. The air is charged with electric anticipation; we want to walk on the wild side while the adventurous Sagittarius Sun creates a superconductive trine with unconventional Uranus. However, we can go too far and shock someone with our outrageous actions. Meanwhile, the fixed Scorpio Moon intensifies our feelings whether we express them or not.

The highlight of the day was the Christmas party at Rockcliff Retirement Home. Sandra and Sam Zunder were our hosts for the party that was well attended. Peter and I arrived at about 6:00 pm and we were promptly met by our hosts and hostesses. We were seated at number 10 table by about 6:30 pm. Peter wore a sports jacket and jeans while I wore a burgundy dress with matching jacket.

Appetizers were served until the salad trays were brought outl. Peter and I chose beef over salmon for our main entrees. Supper was served at about 7:15 pm. Sandra, being a diabetic, was very angry and disturbed at supper being served so late for her. Peter and I had a micro vegetable salad and beef tenderloin with potatoes and asparagus. The piece de resistance dessert was chocolate mousse cake with strawberry sauce. Anne and Ned sat across from me with Sandra and Sam beside me. Peter sat opposite and at the far end of the table.



You may be unnervingly quiet today, but others can still appreciate what you have to offer now that the reflective Moon is shining in your peaceful sign. Everyone seems to naturally understand that your strengths are reinforced by a spiritual belief that you can't put into words. Thankfully, you don't have to say much at all; your integrity is apparent when your actions are aligned with your heart.

Although we hope everyone gets along today, remaining pleasant may be a challenge when the diplomatic Libra Moon squares unforgiving Pluto. Meanwhile, our desire for relationship harmony increases once sweet Venus shifts into cooperative Libra. However, the tension between needing to take care of our own hearts and wanting a strong connection with someone else grows throughout the day, culminating in an explosive Moon-Uranus square this evening.

I slept all day for needed rest. I have been busy all week long and finally had to lay down to rest. Meanwhile, I worked on building the ship. I took most of the week to figure out the plans well enough to assemble the masts. I also added a few pieces that went on the sides of the hull. I did break a few pieces as usual and forgot a step on the foremast. It was a real challenge to cut loose the mast until I was able to put on pieces of the crow's nest. I had to cut a replacement part to hold together the lower and upper foremast halves. I do have to learn the names for the parts of a sailing ship. I am almost ready to start the rigging that will hang from the masts.

I have been comparing the ship Santa Maria with the images I was able to find on the Internet. There is a considerable difference between the images online and what I have in front of me. I have seen the real replica of the Santa Maria in Edmonton. The images of that version of the ship are different again from the online images and the ship replica model I am building. I don't know why there is such a varied history and plans for the ship that Columbus sailed in.



I might have awakened at about 11:00 am, but I didn't get up until noon. My bath and getting ready for the day took until about 2:00 pm. The blood spots on my arms have receeded a little although my left hand is now purple from slapping my hands. It is a slow healing from having blood thinners in my system. Some people just refuse to take them, but I had blood clots in my lungs and I don't want to go through that risk ever again. It is terrifying to gasp for air and then fall down into a faint for a day or so until my blood clots were discovered in my lungs. Bad news for anyone.

The event of the day included more than the acquisition of two tires. Peter's computer was cleaned up and a new monitor is presently being installed upon Peter's desk. It is a lot of work to hook up all the wires and cables to the computer to be connected correctly. I will be happy that Peter has a working computer with the calendar and programs we depend upon. We don't lead all that complicated of lives, but we do make appointments more than what we can remember. And, we do use programs like Facebook to reach other people. It has become necessary for us to use computers to keep abreast of our own events and so on.

We are planning a busy day ahead of us now as we pick up two tires and get them mounted on the front of the van. I just hope there are no complications with the two tires. Then, it is a route of going to several places for stores and prescriptions. We are out of Kitty Litter. That is not a good thing as Twister is a big pooper at 18 lbs. I keep feeding her lots of treats because she plays with me. We have a great time together.

I have watched all six movies of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the following Hobbit trilogy in a mere two days. What followed next was the Men in Black trilogy. The mix of science and fiction is something that is to inspire as much as it is inspired. Creativity is such a precious thing, frail and fickle while being led as much as it leads from past into the future and back again. How often we see what shortcomings reality has when we want to see so much more, or less for that matter.

Sleep is a dream state for some people while it is only a pot hole in the road for me. I woke up after a mere four hour oblivion. I must have dreamed because |I had vestiges of a dream in my mind upon awakening. I dreamed that I was in a spacesuit exploring a long lost city in space that had been abandoned millions of years ago. In space, there is no deterioration or tomb robbers. Everything gets left upon it's last use and stays that way in perpetuity. The last survivors of the long lost city were laying where they fell in the last moments of their lives, struggling to flee the oncoming disaster.

Here I was, millions of years later, about to begin my own struggle to avoid the same disaster being repeated. Timeless patterns of natural occurrences are unerringly identical with the same inevitable results. All things live, and in accordance with evolution, cease to live at the end of a genetic spiral from mud into life and then back into mud again. Mud has it's own way of turning from liquid, or molten, into solid rock that erodes into mud and back into solid rock. The harsh cold lifelessness of space eventually engulfs everything in a perpetual darkness where even time ceases to exist.

The vestiges of dream left me with a thirst and hunger for more than just food or water. Water is only a pollution to my coffee system. Cold coffee is a second best settlement for a solution to my fatigued circumstances. Sleep may have reset my biological clock while it did nothing for my actual physical reality. Cigarettes, coffee, and computers, being the sum of my physical addictions, fall so short of my craving for something else.

Is there any clue or idea of what begins with a 'C' that I crave for? To see a sea for me might be something I would crave for. The act of travelling from place to place while surviving on a mere pittance that may or may not include the presence of a twenty pound cat. I have it on good faith that cats don't hold up to travelling very well. Our facsimile of a cat, domestic short hair, Persian cross, spoiled and decadent critter, is no less of an example of what not to take on a trip anywhere, especially to the animal hospital.

There is a strong likelihood of my need for sleep. I have the vague feeling that I should be prone and resting in a cuddling position next to another similarly biological heat source. I suppose it is another quaint and offhanded way of saying that I should be somewhere else and in the act of doing something else.

Actually, I am in the process of painting white paint of a paint pen onto the propeller, fuel drop tank, and several marks upon the fuselage. I have found that the fine felt tip of the paint pen is a massive 1/16 inch wide. It is no where near the fine tip I had been expecting. Perhaps I might help by trimming the tip into a chisel shape or even a rounded finer point. I will have t see what my scissors can trim off. Oops!

It seems that I have selected the wrong tool for the job I have intended. So, it is back to the paint brush of two hairs just to get the finesse I desire in my work. Painting is always a mess in the act of happening until sufficient corrections have been made, Don't think that the corrections will actually correct anything when a microlaser is needed to carve out the curves and lines for lettering and numbering. Perhaps that is not such a bad idea afterall.


It was freezing cold at about 6' C when we woke up this morning. We had set the thermostat to about 70' F for the night and we didn't notice the cold as we slept. We got up and sat at the table in the trailer. It was comfy as we took pills and puffers for our morning routine. It was a patch day so I received a fresh pair of patches for my own comfort.

We dressed and went into the house of Heather and Kathy. The smoking room was virtually a covered veranda that had open doorways and windows. I began to get cold and tried to hide under a blanket. I was so cold that I went inside the house to the kitchen where I was still cold. I ate a plate sized blue berry pancake before retiring back to the bed in the trailer. I warmed up and fell asleep almost immediately.

It was about 1:00 pm when I was roused from a deep sleep. The trailer had been hooked up and everything was packed for the trip home. We said our goodbyes and sadly left the hospitality and home of Heather and Kathy. We drove for about half an hour before the overheated transmission light came on. Oh! Oh!

We stopped on the side of the road on Hwy 38 south. Peter called Heather and spoke about our situation. Heather suggested we return and drop the trailer where it would be out of the way and safe. The plan was to park the trailer and then proceed home. If the van was to break down completely, we might be able to call OnStar for a rescue tow to the nearest Chevrolet dealer. Then it might be possible to fix whatever was wrong.

Meanwhile, we had to remain stopped until the transmission was cooled. We didn't stay stopped for long, maybe fifteen minutes. It was long enough for the heat sensor to reset and shut off the warning light on the dashboard. More importantly, the heat was cooling inside the transmission and thereby diminishing possible damages. I knew enough to stop safely on the side of the road, but I didn't want to stay parked very long because of possible danger. My intention was to minimize risk as much as possible.

I started the engine and watched the warning lights. It seemed to be within operating range, so I slowly pulled out onto the highway. A few blocks up the road was a turnoff to another highway. Luckily, there was no traffic from any direction, so I made a wide swing into the intersection and made a complete circle back into the direction we came from. The van and trailer needed a big swing to turn and the intersection provided the paved space I needed for the turn. It was about half an hour of travelling back to Heather and Kathy's hone we had just left.

It was about an hour later that we showed up back at the home we had left. Once more I parked the trailer on the spot it had been parked for the weekend. It was a sad thing for me and as much for Peter, to leave the trailer behind. We received some suggestions and decided to go to the Canadian Tire Store in Peterborough. That was about half an hour away at the rate we drove. The transmission began to slip more obviously as we went along.

We arrived at the Canadian Tire Store in Peterborough at about 4:00 pm. Peter went inside and bought two gallons of transmission fluid to change the fluid in the transmission. A mechanic checked the fluid dip stick and began adding fluid through a filler spout. He kept adding fluid until it showed on the dipstick. A transmission fluid drip began to show on the floor of the service bay we were in. The mechanic traced the drip to a connection hose at the cooler under the radiator. He was able to tighten up a clamp and stop the transmission fluid leak. Hopefully that cleared the problem we had with the slipping transmission.

Peter had bought the two gallons of transmission fluid so he put the two jugs into the back of the van. Slowly we drove away from the Canadian Tire Store on a route to home. We drove slowly through Peterborough to get to Hwy 7 that would take us back to Ottawa. At every stop we had trouble with the slipping transmission to get moving again. It was a long trip to get back home with the slipping transmission.

Monday morning saw Peter calling McConville's garage about the trouble we had with the transmission. At about 11:00 am, we had the van parked at McConville's garage for an oil change and a check of the transmission. We unloaded our electric wheelchairs and began a hike home. On the way, we stopped at a hobby store where Peter bought a balsa wood scale model plane for me to build. We took the cycle path along the Rideau River to Billings Bridge mall where Peter bought a few groceries. We were home by about 3:30 pm.

At about 4:00 pm, McConville's garage phoned home to say that the transmission was in no shape to be repaired. We would have to buy a new transmission for about five thousand dollars. Peter talked briefly on the phone to McConville's garage. After that phone call, Peter phoned his bank to arrange for the money to be paid to McConville's garage. Possibly we will be able to have the money and our van ready by about Friday.

At about 4:30 pm, Peter went to the bathroom. Among his activities, he started running a hot bath for me. It takes about half an hour to pour the hot for my bath. When the bath tub is about three inches from the overflow drain, I stop the flow of hot water and begin the flow of cold water. It is a short few minutes before the tub fills to the overflow drain. I usually spend my time combing out Twister's fur. There is a lot of it that adds up to a half full waste basket. I keep pulling little bundles of fur from the comb, the red one. I use a black comb for Mr. T and the red one for Twister. The scent of the comb is as much a determining factor as the colour of the comb for each dear furball.

When the tub is filled, I stop my attentions on Twister and swirl the bath water to mix it to a hot comfortable temperature. Gently I ease my stiff and sore body into the soothing comfort of the hot water. Slowly my body eases it's stiffness and I relax, often into a deep sleep. I rest or sleep in the hot water for either fifteen minutes or an hour plus. If I sleep in the water, I have to be woken up. Rarely have I roused myself from deep waterlogged sleep on my own.

My time in the hot bath water was short this time. I was out of the tub ab dried off within a short time. By this time, Peter had laid down on the bed and had fallen asleep. I joined him and was soon deep asleep. It was about 11:00 pm when I woke up and took my midnight course of pills. A little early to take my pills, but it helped me ease into wakefulness.

I browsed the Internet until the customary time of midnight before starting Skype. Skype is a program I use to talk to Mom in BC. We usually talk for an hour or more depending upon what we talk about and other circumstances. Eventually I finish talking and say goodbye before clicking off Skype. After closing the Skype program, I return to browsing the Internet and Facebook. I follow whatever information that interests me at the time. I do learn quite a bit of information in my browsing.


These last few days have been bright and sunny with warm temperatures above normal. It is an easy slide into the cold weather of winter. Historically, I have always expected snow for Halloween. This year has been an exception because of warmer than usual weather. Even now I am urged to go out to enjoy the last of the warm weather. Being sick doesn't do me any good to go outside when I feel so miserable. I would prefer to stay in bed, but there is simply too much on my plate of things to do.

The ship is coming along slowly. I am going from one thing to another to get the masts together. I am going slowly from one number to the next in the assembly of things. I forgot to be careful and broke two more pieces. One piece was the tip of the foreward mast and the other piece was an anchor plate for a foreward ratline. I do have to be more careful in putting the pieces together.

The masts are four flat pieces that go together with tabs at the base. I decided to fill the center of the masts with solid wood. I used my Xacto knife to cut the center fillers from the wood that was cut by a steam engine powered saw at the Carp Fair. I was surprised to see that I could cut 1/8 inch deep into the dry wood. I scored the edges of the wood to be cut and used the vicegrips to pry free the wood I needed for the centers of the masts. Then I used the rough cut file to smooth the separated edges of wood.

There is a major difference between regular wood glue and the green Testor's glue for metal. Wood glue takes at least half an hour to get tacky while Testor's glue sets in minutes. I have decided to use both types of glue for different points to join. Wood glue is messy and gets on my fingers with alarming regularity. Wood glue can wash off with water some time after it is smeared on fingers and other places. The Testor's glue sticks to almost everything and dries within minutes. It doesn't wash off easily.



The ship Santa Maria, was docked on a shelf for a time. There are other things to do that require attention and efforts. I have to think to get clear images of what I want to do. I wander off into oblivion far too easily. There are things I have to relearn and get going for my own peace of mind.

Hurricane Patricia has hit the continent and diminished into a tropical storm. The winds blow rain in squalls that make up a day of stormy weather. I know there will be some flooding, but I don't know just how much. At least we don't have to worry about the rain or other weather while living in a high apartment with underground parking.

Tonight was the last of Peter's Weight Management Clinic. About fifteen people were able to attend the final meeting. Followups and summaries were the highlights of the evening. I waited for three hours in the van parked east of the Civic Hospital. Peter came out as the rain diminished enough for him to load his electric wheelchair. He had to rest for ten or fifteen minutes after his rushed effort. Then we proceeded on to Food Basics for some sales and other necessities. I think his list was little more than brown sugar, butter, cream, and the sales on pork and beef meats.

Peter's shopping only took about half an hour. He came out in very light rain and loaded his electric wheelchair back into the van. The groceries were snug in his knapsack. We decided to go to Wendy's for something to eat. We both got burgers, one was chicken and the other was bacon and beef. After eating, we proceeded home in rain, Again, it is nice to be able to park in an underground parking lot.



Today was a day of daydreams, relaxation, and sleep. It is nice to have no real demands in a day so a realistic escape can be made. I spent some time with reading Scale model flyer magazines. It is amazing to think of all of the scale models that exist in the world. And then, think of the years I have spent in creating scale models of my own.

The fact is that I am building another scale model ship in plywood with string rigging. I have found the building of the hull is more of a puzzle than I want to admit. I still have no idea of how some of the construction goes together while most of the hull’s completed. And, there is the daunting process of warping plywood to complete the upper works of the hull.

My lack of energy has let me sleep most of the day away. I can’t get much done with feeling sick because of COPD and a cold or pneumonia. Whatever, it is dragging me down in a spiral. I have lost most of my friends on Google+ and other blogs I have. I just can’t seem to think well enough to type. My keyboard is filled with dust from my ship building with a plywood kit. I have to try to keep my fingers busy or my mind will go silly. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?