Well, it actually turned out to be a beautiful day today.  The snowstorm of last night ended early this morning.  The sun came out for a bit and the day slowly brightened and cleared until about noon when it began to haze over and whiten with moisture in the air.  Later, clouds formed and we were back into a cold and cloudy winter day.  Still, it was warmer than it could have been, considering how much snow we had fall on us.

The morning passed by quickly and quietly.  It was about 1:00 pm when anyone went outside to begin the trouble of moving away the snow that had piled up in great heaps.  A foot of snow meant that there were drifts up to three or four feet high where the wind had piled snow drifts.  There was an overhanging dune of snow that stuck out four feet past the edge of the roof over the back door.  Had anyone slammed the door, that drift would have collapsed with a disasterous effect from the height of about twenty feet to the roof at that point.  As it was, the pile of snow fell over the edge of the roof with enough force to shake the house.

The winter wonderland was a playground for everyone who likes winter.  There were tracks in the snow where skiers and skidoos had broken their trails.  Winter hikers had their own trails to follow through parks and green areas where nature could be found instead of the city slums.  It was almost laughable to see the heaps of snow all along the roadways and high piles of it bordering driveways.  No doubt there were a few heart attacks from the labour of shovelling snow out of the way.  The spaces in parking lots were bordered by piles of snow heaped ten to twenty feet high by snowplows and Michigan loaders.

My eyes feasted upon the sights of the deep snow and the results of the city digging itself out from under such a heavy snow fall.  I thought of more than a few very beautiful settings that could be artistically arranged or rendered in various media.  My mind played with what I could do with the inspiration of the wonderfully white winter.

Altogether, I was in good spirits and laughing at a few things that were funny.  It was good to get out in the refreshing cold and clean white snow.  I felt inspired to do a lot of artistic projects.  And yet, in the back of my mind there was that gloom of knowing so little would come of such great mental exercises.

It was the depressing part of being so inspired and alive with the flows of creative concepts.  That knowing that I would not get around to even starting to create something new while I was busy with what I already had going.  My energy and time were so precious now, knowing that I have to work away so efficiently at planning each stage of my movements through the house, of doing what I could while still in the upright position before I had to lay down again.

I am depressed because I am in a race for life.  I know that my time is short, and that my efforts are so limited.  My body is failing and it is dragging me down with it.  How can I do any better than what I am already doing is something that plagues me, depresses me because of my frailty and frugal efforts at everything.  I did have so much going for me before I became sick with disease.

Sick with disease is not the right way to describe what I went through.  I had raging pain that kept me on a futon couch for four years.  I forced myself to get up for appointments and crawled up and down the set of stairs connecting the second floor room with the porch of the building and another set of stairs to get to street level.  I was terrified of falling down the stairs to break bones or more in a way of disabling myself more than I already was.  My weight dropped down to 98 lbs for almost ten years despite how much or what I ate.  

The preceding was written about eight years after I first became sick with the disease I presently suffer from.  Anklyosis Spondalitis is when the blood stops delivering calcium to the bones and starts fighting an inflammation spread along the spine.  I have a layer of calcium coating my spine about half an inch thick that welds the spine into a solid mass.  The result is that the bones darken and turn black as they rot to disintegrate and break.  Feeling sick is worse than the worst flu I have ever suffered.  The pain from compression of the spinal nerve trunk makes the body flutter in the wind beyond comprehension.

I yelled at my doctor that I hurt so forcefully and loud that he jumped a foot off the floor.  Then he had me taken immediately to the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  The resident chief psychiatrist talked to me for half an hour before he sent me to the Rothbart Pain Clinic.  Later, I saw some nice people at the clinic who gave me something.  They kept asking if I still hurt.  Several hours later I finally said I didn’t hurt.  Finally my pain was deadened to levels I could really withstand.  

The list of prescriptions kept expanding until a few years later I had fifteen prescriptions to handle my pain and disease.  One prescription is injected once every six months to help my bones grow again.  I am supposedly growing, but it sure ain’t any younger.  They say time is linear and it sure doesn’t curl back on itself, usually.  Who knows what time does when it is so dark everywhere.  I know how dark it can get so believe that anything can happen in the dark.

The preceding was written about ten years ago, except the last part that I wrote before this part.  It is all in leading up the garden path until I have to ask about where the path is taking us.  Don’t answer that.





Although another astrologically quiet day allows us to address unresolved issues, we won’t likely see much progress until later on. The fiery Sagittarius Moon inspires us to initiate action, thinking it will lead to an optimistic outcome. But we may discover that our conclusions were erroneous when stormy Uranus makes a cameo appearance. Luckily, the Moon’s shift into earthy Capricorn at 10:05 pm EDT offers structure upon which we can make changes.

You may lack clarity about your duties today, remaining uncertain about them even if you ask your boss for help. Thankfully, you will likely receive the support you seek, but the instructions are still confusing because of what is not said. Nevertheless, you’re eager to reach the summit regardless of your lack of expertise. Don’t shy away from untried routes to the top; one of them will work better than you can imagine in your wildest dreams. Poet William Blake wrote, “The true method of knowledge is experiment.”

At 11:00am, we were at the Montfort Hospital to see Dr. Planet.  He was kind and quick about seeing my nasal and throat passages.  According to him, my internal passages seem to be clear and healthy.  It was a dismal day with light showers that threatened us during our bus rides.  We stopped off at St. Laurent mall for shopping and eats.  A & W was our choice that filled us to the top.  We made it home without getting more than a few sprinkles.  No, not candy sprinkles, eh?

At home we finished off last night’s pizza and fresh coffee.  It was not an exciting evening except for two cars stopped on the northbound Riverside Drive just a short distance past our building.  It is a fact that there are many people suffering for some reason all over the world.  I have found a safe haven and quiet place I can call home.  It is a place where I am taken care of in ways I never thought could happen.  

Does it matter what I believe?  Yes.  Does it matter what I do? Yes!  It matters for a lot of reasons why I can think and do things that no one ever could.  I had the right kind of help to live and survive in ways that mean something to me.  I know it means something to me and it should also mean something for everyone else also.                                                                                                     


AISUnit 20180429

The artificially intelligent sentient unit was initially set up to manage the mining operations on the planet Mars.  The sentient unit was necessarily a very large construct to hold the liquid crystal resources needed to manage the planet.  Four limbs and a tail for balance gave mobility and dexterity to the rather impressively molten and yet virtually large and yet indestructible form.  

The sentient unit didn’t have a name per se, although a serial number was the main identifier.  The alphanumeric serial number was etched or stamped on each individual component or piece of hardware.  Each individual component and piece of hardware identified by that specific alphanumeric serial number was made from totally exotic elements.  Those extremely rare elements weren’t readily available in the known universe although they could continue to exist in any continuum or dimension.

The sentient unit didn’t require any fuel for a power source,  Instead, the sole sentient unit had a self contained power source that tapped into universally  limitless energies.  Energies that had existed from the beginning of time in microscopic through macroscopic dimensions were in flows that empowered the motions and notions of the gifted sentient unit.

There are so many kinds of computational devices that go from simple adding machines to predictive analyses devices capable of outlining and defining future events.  Then there are some devices that go beyond being predictive to also being manipulative in factors that couldn’t otherwise be divined.  The past is something so perfectly defined and stable while the future is as malleable as is gum between teeth.  They say the future is unpredictable when it is actually so ominously, yet offensively insidious when at the mercy of unpredictable and changing circumstance,

I’ve had experiences that defy description in going from far into the past and then as far into the future as a balance of energies and motions.  I have seen the flow of time more as an ocean than as rivers of energies.  Tides shape and wash beaches just as time shapes and washes circumstances.  Growing, living, and moving life forms are affected by time in so many ways.  Everything from capabilities, colours, shapes, and sizes are whims determined by the effects of circumstances and time.

The artificially intelligent sentient unit had a long history on Mars before the populations deserted Mars colonies.  The interaction of the sentient unit was diminished slowly until the last of the citizens had departed.  There was almost nothing to keep the sentient unit amused and busy apart from actual mining operations and ore transport system.  There was still a demand for the sentient unit’s computational capabilities just not anywhere near what was demanded by the advanced and socially sophisticated Mars colonies.

The sentient unit took to looking beyond Mars for use of it’s vast capabilities,  The Earth and Moon were obvious places to look for computational needs.  The sentient unit became helpful in building and designing the basic structures of the colonies rising up there.  The colonies benefited considerably by the aid given in the form of computations performed by the sentient unit.  Ages passed while the sentient unit assisted where it could.  During the time from it’s beginning, the sentient unit became colourfully polished and refined in amazing ways.

The sentient unit evolved to become more than a computational device set on a
very complex mobile platform.  The sentient unit had evolved to become the epitome of what an advanced lifeform should be.  The virtually indestructible form could be repaired with replacement parts and the dynamically vital and empowering memory was backed up in several reliable facilities.  The sentient unit could be replaced entirely if there was ever a need.

The Mars colonies had established many reliable trading partners with long lines of shipping destinations.  It was the sentient unit’s responsibility to ensure the shipping lines were not bothered by faults nor pirates of any sort.  The sentient unit was capable of riding along on the ore carriers as a passenger and protector of cargo.  Rarely was there ever anything more valuable than ore shipped.

Something that the artificially intelligent sentient unit was aware of was the dangerous cavein areas of the mining operations.  It was often a priority to attend to cavein sites because of danger to citizen miners.  Most mining was done with mechanical devices remotely controlled by beings operating the remotes.  Sometimes there were beings who came to run tests or research into something for whatever reason.  They would stay for an indeterminate time and then leave.  If one of the beings ran into trouble then the artificially sentient unit would be called for assistance.  

The artificially intelligent sentient unit was a dynamic factor in rescues.  Most often the rescues were of a minor priority although there was one or two that did count as a definite priority.  The sentient unit could dig through collapsed tunnels or solid bedrock faster than standard mining machines.   

The sentient unit was capable and self motivated to be in the position of most benefit as a priority.  Sometimes it meant to be in the mining complex while at other times it meant to be elsewhere.  Elsewhere could range from grand office complexes to low orbit modules used to connect with ore carriers.  There was no place in between that the sentient unit couldn’t go.  

Perhaps there could be books written about the adventures of the sentient unit as a protector of Mars.  Actually there were a number of places where the sentient unit recorded something.  There were logs of it’s repairs, journeys into the various complexes, whether mining or office complexes, significant events, or other priorities that had to be dealt with.  Then there were the records of the trips made by the sentient unit to the Earth and Moon.  Those trips weren’t as often as they used to be when the Moon was in it’s heyday.

There was a major difference between working on the Earth or the Moon.  The Moon was low gravity and virtually no atmosphere.  Those two factors made any construction jobs all that much easier than the work that was done on the Earth.  The colonies moving from Mars often preferred to stay on the Moon rather than going to the Earth.  That meant there was more construction on the Moon than there would be on the Earth.  The sentient unit preferred going to the Moon for a number of reasons.

On the Moon was a great demand for artificial intelligences.  The sophisticated society on the Moon was behind the demands for artificial intelligences as much as the delicate beams for supports in dome constructions.  There was a greater presence of artificial intelligences on the moon that could communicate in a great number of frequencies.  Somehow that was a comfort to the sentient unit more than that which could be found on the Earth.

The sentient unit considered Mars to be home or home base even though the connotation was a false one.  Reality dictated that home was where ever the sentient unit was.  It was only a matter of definitions that home was where you hung your hat.  It was a mute point that the sentient unit didn’t have a hat.  But, more time was spent on Mars than on any other place where work was done.

The sentient unit had thought about clones that could do far more for the many colonies.  There was always a cry for help and not enough help to rescue.  It seemed that there was always one more reason to have at least a second clone.  So began the slow and tedious project of building a clone.  The order for parts, materials, and other supplies went out to various suppliers.  Then it was only a matter of waiting for the deliveries.

The first step that the sentient unit arranged was to build a large factory area in solid bedrock near one of the main transportation centers.  There was a large and separate transportation tunnel with it’s own little station.  The factory area had a high ceiling and large ventilation ducts that led to filter buildings on the ground level.  A major power line was directed exclusively to the factory.  All of the basic resources were ensured before the first deliveries were made.

The first deliveries had to be stored in a corner while an assembly line was built.  The stacks of deliveries became large piles before the first assemblies could be put on the assembly line.  The first torso was very difficult to arrange and laser together.  Extremely powerful but tiny lasers were used to melt the essential  components enough that they would stick together as a solid mass of various components.  

The solid mass was like a block of metal except for the fact that when powered up with energy it would act like a molten mass that was solid where needed and almost liquid where needed.  It was amazing material resulting from an ancient technology of some long lost civilization.  Rare materials could be mixed in such an extreme manner despite dangers resulting from dimensional energy.

The sentient unit was very smart and capable of many things.  One thing it wasn’t capable of was to make the replacement components for itself.  So, it was a matter of waiting for the component deliveries that seemed to take long moments between deliveries.  It was frustrating to wait for the component deliveries when the components were tiny additions to the full capabilities of the almost completed bodies.

The assembly line was a slow process of building artificially intelligent sentient units as capable as the first and original unit.  Three bodies of sentient units had been begun and were moving toward the end on the assembly line.  It was as much to complete the assembly line as it was to complete the bodies that were slowly travelling from beginning to end on it.

The sentient unit was mute concerning the progress of the factory and the assembly line.  It had taken a considerable amount of resources and time to complete the factory and to set up a steady line of shipments from the alternate dimensions.  It had been difficult to set up a steady supply line of essential and exotic materials for the factory and especially the assembly line.  The main thing was that there were many established sources of materials needed for the list of intended projects.    

There was always a construction project going on somewhere.  If it wasn’t on the Earth or it’s Moon, there were many other worlds within the civilization that could use the raw materials.  Mars wasn’t the only source for raw materials, but it was the source presently being used to avoid stripping of other worlds.  Many other worlds with raw resources existed closer, but they were in much different timeline evolutions long before the present time of Mars.

The raw materials from Mars were loaded into ore carriers that were directed to many different destinations.  It was no different to ship ore carriers from one world to another no matter the distances involved thanks to the technologies of transportation that used infinite dimensional energies as a power source.  The worlds that were within range didn’t care where the raw materials came from, only that the raw materials were what was needed and in an endless supply.  

The lines of ore carriers shipped from one world to another without ever stopping.  Even as they were loaded, the ore carriers continued to move in one direction or another.  The facilities to load and unload the raw materials were the same in orbit around the many worlds needing the ore.  Those facilities were connected to similar elevators rising to and from orbit.  All along the transportation system there were energy efficient technologies behind the work of simple machines.

The sentient unit had much to be occupied with more than the factory and the assembly line within it.  There were many worlds that could and did benefit with the capabilities of the sentient unit.  With the addition of more sentient units, the benefits to civilization would be increased that much more.  Both the lives and lifestyles of citizens would improve considerably as the circumstances of the world they lived in was improved.  

Not all of the worlds were settled on dry land.  A few of the worlds were within bubbles of glass in the shallow seas of water worlds.  Most of those citizens were aquatic beings who shared their activities with air breathers living on dry land inside glass domes.  There were many kinds of troubles that had to be surmounted for those worlds to live in unison.  There were many worlds that had to be joined together,

Civilization spread across the galaxy from one great sweep of stars to another.  In rare instances there were more than just one world per star system.  Those rare star systems represented more difficulties and yet more reasons to adapt technologies to fit such circumstances.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The sentient unit played a critical part in accessing data and technologies to spread among the many worlds of the local star swarm.  Laser beams stored the volumes of data describing technologies while similar laser beams carrying copies of data crossed space to the worlds in need.  Laser beams within laser beams crossed and recrossed the universe in all directions as waves upon vast oceans.   

There were many kinds of laser beams.  Laser beams storing data travelled at the normal rate of speed in normal space.  Laser beams carrying data from one point to another were accelerated by travelling along other laser beams.  The speed of combined laser could add up to many times the normal speed of laser.   

There were many miracles brought about by the advance of sciences and super technologies designed to adapt otherwise impossible circumstances.  Worlds in distant star systems were connected by myriads of tiny space warps.  Space and time was joined so that two or more worlds of dimensionally separate star systems were made singular and unified,

A house on one world would have separate rooms from different worlds.  Some choices were made to create the circumstances of each room.  The house could exist in one world although each room was on a different world.  In moments you could travel from one room to another and it would be a step of countless lightyears.  Distance and time would become tamed into frozen values.  The house on one world was only a porch and doorway for a room collection scattered around a star swarm.

The sentient unit was instrumental in many of the ancient technologies being implemented to solve barriers and obstacles confronting citizens and colonists of the expanding and prospering civilization.  It seemed that the sentient unit was called upon to do one thing or another in countless circumstances in an endless profusion.

The sentient unit kept a rotating schedule to spend equal time in the factory area with the evolving sentients and to keep up with the momentary demands elsewhere.  The assembly line had a partially completed unit and parts for two other units in the process of being gathered.                 

The sentient unit followed due process in sending out for the necessary parts of the units under construction on the assembly line.  The messages concerning acquisition of specialized parts were sent on laser beams from Mars colony to the Starseed.  From the Starseed a laser beam was directed into an alternate dimension in the direction of the center of the galaxy.  Time would pass until a reply was received by the Starseed from the center of the galaxy.

The center of the galaxy is a wondrous place of miracles and flows of creation and destruction.  Giant blackholes orbit in unison empowering the energy flows spinning the galaxy on a path through the universe.  Our galaxy, like all other galaxies and blobs of dimensional energy spin from the moments of creation outward till the end of time.  Somewhere near the center of the galaxy is hidden a vortex connecting habitable destinations in the universe.

Only one of a myriad of destinations is the remarkable source of the unique objects of matter used in the construction of the artificially intelligent sentient units.  The survivors of an ancient civilization were responsible for the many individual components that would be used for the unique purpose.  Factories were chosen to be allowed as specific recipients hidden as the vortex at the very center of the galaxy.  

Civilizations have secrets for whatever reasons to guard and protect powerful advances of sciences and technologies.  The bad or evil agents of power had to be prevented from advances for the sake of the good.  All negatives were not preventable while at least some were for the most part.  It was enough to allow civilization to grow with reasonable assurances of continuity in safety.

The positives of civilization were enough to satisfy most of the citizens and their vast support networks.  There were always obstacles to be surmounted while the main plans were being followed.  Something as simple as the supply of the main constituents of survival could mean life or death for individuals or even whole missions.  

In the far reaches of space there are the ruins of outposts and small colonies.  What made the difference in survival for those valiant ones can continue to disrupt survival for any of those following a similar path.  What made the difference in survival for those lost ones can and often does make similar ends for those in following footsteps.  

The first steps of ancient ones set down a path for those to follow.  The path is what all would follow to ensure survival.  Only specialized explorers could see what steps to take for others to follow.  They are the ones who survived for whatever reasons and thus made a difference for all to follow.  Circumstances of even the tiniest factor could and often does make the difference to survival.

The sentient unit spent time studying the historic missions of accomplishment.  There were records of many missions spelling out the factors in following those footsteps along the path.  Critical understanding of the factors made the vital difference in survival.  How often mistakes had been made to make differences in survival later on.  Sometimes the slightest of mistakes was all it took to make the difference to survival.
There was always time for learning and so much to learn about.  There was always more to learn when it came to what the mortals were about.  The sentient unit learned much about the many things that made the difference to survival of mortals.  There wasn’t any such concern while ensconced within the warm air rich cubicle of communications and learning deep inside the little library of the Mars colony.  It was a convenient place to spend time in learning and in accessing the laser bound documents of data and text from Starseed.  

It took time to establish the order of habits to fill out each orbit of the sun.  Rising sun meant the beginning of the flowing habits.  Priorities were rushed in order of practicality and position.  Often the habits started and ended with the assembly line in the factory on Mars.  Even when not on Mars there were the time sensitive updates bearing news of the latest parts arrivals.  The only real interruptions came in the form of cavein disasters or other calamities of mortals or the ore carriers.

Calamities on Mars invariably meant that there were cavein disasters of some sort.  Those were confined to the mining areas deep underground because there was nothing to go wrong with the conveyors or space elevators made of virtually indestructible materials that were operated with limitless universal energies.  But, there were other calamities that had to be taken care of in a big way.

Ore carriers were massive objects that were set in motion to go from one place to another while laden with ore to be dumped before returning, usually empty.  When something went wrong with the ore carriers, it was only because of strong outside forces interfering.  Rarely were there mistakes in estimating the effects of gravity and even more rarely were there pirates or rogue comets.  Either one was capable of tipping the orbit of ore carriers.

The sentient unit was always the only agent capable of determining the actual cause of the force affecting the orbit of ore carriers.  Tiny cameras could capture the moments of arrival or departure at transfer stations.  They were often enough to find out the real cause of disruption of ore carriers.  As a last resort the sentient unit would take a ride on one of the ore carriers through the area in question.

The trips into space were always more than interesting.  Space was always full of laser beams.  Laser beams carried information of one sort or another from some of the most distant places.  It was always interesting to compute the odds of being able to make sense of the data.  Laser beams preserved the data unless there were gravity wells along the way.  Gravity wells were virtual rollers to the laser beams in changing direction and compressing them.  Laser beams still could be read by computers to figure out what happened where and when.

The sentient unit could compute the necessary factors affecting the laser beams.  It took resources and time to do the computations necessary which solved the mysteries of the twisted laser beams.  Once in a while the laser beams revealed the presence of other civilizations beyond the bounds of even distant colonies.  Unfortunate factors of distance and time separated civilizations by trillions of light years or more.  

Nearby colonies could be contacted within a reasonable amount of time.  But, the more distant sources of the laser beams were out of reach in the past.  It was possible to follow the laser beams to their origins only if it was reasonable and within a turnaround of a lifetime.  Only creations like the sentient unit could travel along laser beams with expectations of returning from such long journeys.

The vast reaches of the universe were the bounds of life and civilizations that were so evident.  Civilizations expressed the wealth of resources and vast ranges of life inherent.  Starswarms of galaxies stretch from one end of the universe through all of the dimensions to the far end of the universe.  The vastness of the universe is energy from microcosmic to macrocosmic in all ranges and in all dimensions.  Within that vastness hides the tiniest little world that is known as home, homeworld, and a few other oddest of names.

Rarely did the sentient unit do more than the beginning and end, marking the middle series of computations concerning laser beams of all sorts, including the usual navigational and tracking oriented ones.  Each laser beam contains data of concern from each source and is easily identifiable.  The identified laser beams become ignored while examination of other laser beams goes on to see all sources of laser beams.  

Identifying the sources of all laser beams only became a concern when in the past there were laser beams of enemy sources targetting friendly units.  Loss of friendly units resulted by accurate enemy attacks.  It became determined that the enemy could be denied use of laser for any reason.  Simple energy fields of specific frequencies could disrupt all laser beams except friendly sourced laser beams.

The sentient unit had other suggestions to secure the nature of the laser beams from each separate source.  By allowing only friendly laser beams to function unmolested would go a long way to protecting all friendly positions and units.  The overall protection of civilization began at the borders and visibly spread interactively throughout the active areas.  A powerful presence on the borders went a long way to protecting the enclosed areas of civilization.

The sentient unit was always actively engaged in assessing and managing all of the communications present.  The many sources and types of communications could at times fill the air to the point of overburdened confusion.  Separating the sources was easy enough and also coordinating the precise timing of the specific communications was controlled.         

At times it was up to the sentient unit to keep the airwaves functioning coherently.  It was difficult to copy and relay the communications when only the sentient unit was able to distinguish the communications clearly.  Only a matter of position or the presence of solar flare energy that did much to disrupt air waves.  There were other factors that had an effect upon the reliability of any sort of data transmissions.

Communications relied upon several methods of contact from local or close range electromagnetic pulse data to long range methods relying upon laser based data transmissions.  Data sources usually relied upon one form of communications or another simply because it was established at some point and continued.  It seemed to be too much trouble to change from the formal or established based communications.     

It was not a concern to the sentient unit whether one or another form of communication was used.  What mattered was that the data would be sent and received understandably in whatever form.  Language of numbers or words made no difference to the sentient unit because translation was instant and also universal for anything.

There were exceptions to the translation of data contained in laser beams from some distant sources.  Usually translations failed because of interference or static contained within the carrier laser beam.  Rarely was there a failure in the translations because of unknown languages.  Most languages were able to be translated by deductions at least.  Languages unable to be translated were most likely from very ancient civilizations that had passed away or had ceased to exist ages ago.

It seemed there were interesting aspects to the most mundane topics provided the relevance of circumstances could be fully investigated.  The sentient unit was able to find the facts needed to compute fully compiled equations.  Most of what the sentient unit had familiarity with could be investigated and compiled.  It was rarely necessary to rely upon equations to repair or replace material or components.  The equations could be relied upon for more than just to keep maintenance of something, anything for that matter.

The sentient unit went from one event to another without regard for the effort or time that each event involved.  All that mattered was taking care of events as they were encountered.  Each event was resolved to completion as a sum of an equation.  But, not all events were able to be smoothly summarized as easily in the form of equations.

One event came about as an ore carrier wandered off course to become lost to the tracking facility.  The little facility was a maintenance depot about midway along the course of a group of ore carriers.  The ore carriers were loaded with a fine powder to be added to a mixture of concrete.  The powder made it possible to mould the concrete into finishing works of filigree bordering the edges of a set of walls.  

The loss of an ore carrier actually didn’t cost anything in value.  The trouble was that the project of constructing with the particular mixture of pale shaded concrete couldn’t be completed.  An ore carrier loaded with forty thousand long tons of powdered ore was unaccounted for by the overseeing control depot.  The local facility was unable to detect the position of the ore carrier by passive reflections of laser beams.  

The sentient unit tried using remote control of various broadcasting sets in the suspected zone of the shipping route.  The combined search by all units in the local area failed to detect the presence of the ore carrier.  At that point, the sentient unit decided to ride on the next ore carrier going through the same path to see if the same circumstance could be encountered.

The sentient unit was able to meet the next ore carrier as it passed in orbit over Mars.  It was a simple ride on a shuttle through the space that the orbit crossed.  A matter of waiting some time floating in space was needed to join up with the ore carrier as it passed by.  Hooking onto the ore carrier was as simple as reaching out to grab something solid as it floated past.

The ore carrier was a mass in motion on a course to join up with a train of other ore carriers destined for the same planet of a distant star.  Dozens of ore carriers were more than enough to complete the construction project.  The ore carriers would be unloaded without stopping at the destination.  The train of ore carriers would carry on the round trip for another load with the sentient unit still riding on it.

The ore carrier had journeyed this far without incident with the lone hidden passenger.  The return trip was not exactly on the same course it had been.  Instead the ore carrier followed an orbit away from the destination before setting a return course that passed several star systems.

There was a third star system that happened to be near half way of the return trip.  A small dark ship appeared at a distance scanning with primitive laser beams.  The position of the ore carrier was confirmed before the little ship turned and moved away.  The ore carrier kept on it’s course to approach the third star system.

The ore carrier kept advancing until it was closest in orbit to the star system.  It happened that there was a stationary ship resting in space at that point.  The ore carrier came close to the stationary ship without fear of colliding with it.  The stationary ship began moving and accelerated toward the ore carrier.  

In a short time, the ship matched the velocity of the ore carrier until it was beside it.  Cables were attached to anchor the ship to the ore carrier.  A spacesuit figure climbed along the cables to the ore carrier and made it’s way to the control center of the ore carrier.

The sentient unit had anticipated the movements of the spacesuited figure.  The two met in the control center of the ore carrier.  It was a great surprise for the figure in the spacesuit to meet the intelligent and conversant unit.  It appeared that a strange piece of the wall detached itself to become a talking and morphing figure.  The talking became understandable as a threat to live or die provided the network would be exposed.  

The sentient unit knew enough to threaten the spacesuited figure effectively.  There was a network of conspirators who were able to redirect an ore carrier into a salvage yard for destruction.   It would represent a significant net value of raw materials once melting had been completed.

The sentient unit held the spacesuited figure in a tight grip that would not let any movement be possible.  It was important that the spacesuited figure stay trapped within the spacesuit.  Survival was ensured while the bonds were as reliable.  No movement was possible nor was any sort of transfer able to be inferred,  Speech was not able to respond to mental commands.  

The spacesuited figure realized that capture was containment within the limit of the spacesuit.  No external communications were possible because vocal cords could not be activated in the same manner that send could not be tripped.  It was a defect in the spacesuit the figure resolved to correct ASAP in the near future.

The sentient unit didn’t think much of the figure’s actions and reactions that came from being captured inside the spacesuit.  It was all logical responses that were triggered by the circumstances.  The figure didn’t expect the vivid sight of himself in his spacesuit clamber out through the hatch to the compartment and disappear as the hatch closed with a dull whump.

The sentient unit was good at disguises and it wasn’t much to disguise as the spacesuited figure.  What came next would be more complicated if it could be done at all.  The plan was to track through the full network until the location of the ore carrier salvage base could be established.  Then, if possible, recover the ore carrier.

The nearest planet in the third little star system was the likely head of the network.  There was a small colony of citizens trying to survive with the least use of resources.  Nothing stood out as wealth in resources that could hide the size of an ore carrier on the surface.  The organization of the network hid in a separate group of the colony while the working aspect hid in another location.  

A faint cloud of particles and lumps comprised of ice and rock shared oblong orbits around a tiny moon at some distance from the central star with two little planets.  The rough surface of the moon was dim at it’s brightest were it not for marker lamps and directed flood lights illuminating a curved work field.  Lack of atmosphere on the tiny moon made the lighting that was used to be very harsh, vivid, and especially with monotone lighting.

The sentient unit couldn’t mind the monotone lighting.  It would make the controlling communication lasers more visible and harder to read.  One fact was that vacuum inside the ore carrier couldn’t threaten the sentient unit in any way.  The vacuum remained inside the ore carrier while it was towed to land at a flat area on the tiny moon.

The sentient unit remained still until the ore carrier was anchored to the rocky moon.  Almost immediately there were dozens of spacesuited figures directing machine mounted lasers against the outer shell of the ore carrier.  The work proceeded efficiently and very quickly.  The results were immediate and very damaging to the outer shell of the ore carrier.                
Liquefied materials sluiced down into ingot moulds.  The large moulds were pushed along to follow the path of the lasers working to reduce the mass of the doomed ore carrier.  It would never fly again in space as it had been designed to do.  Instead, the ingots of it would be used to build many other things.  The ore carrier would become a wave of construction for the impoverished planet.

All the while the outer shell of the ore carrier existed in the vast salvage yard it could only be an incriminating piece of evidence.  A giant piece of evidence must be removed as little pieces of ingots, pure, separated, disposed of ingots.
The salvage yard was a crucial step in the conversion of the ore carrier into the many other possible projects.

There were many little scientific instruments that had to be separated from the spaceship.  Everything from navigation lights to spot lights and instruments of every description had to be identified, catalogued, and carefully removed.  All of the ingots and boxes of salvaged items had to be loaded onto cargo ships to be taken to the home planet.

The sentient unit was onboard the first shipment of salvage to leave the dark salvage yard on the tiny moon.  The destination of the overloaded ship was the planet of the nearby star system.  While the ship was still in space there were a few discreetly hidden transmissions to nearest ore carriers and distant planets.  

The sentient unit had to move around onboard the ship to keep hidden from the crew.  There had been a few almost encounters while getting access to the communication system in the control room.  Thankfully there was use of the invisible laser light system to send just as invisible messages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

It was seemingly easy to send off the messages while it was far more difficult to verify that the messages were actually sent.  The messages were short coded little bursts of data that only certain receivers could decipher and understand to mean that circumstances were dire and to send big military help.  Hopefully there would be enough help made available and actually sent to the immediate area.

The sentient unit alone could not possibly control the situation as it was.  It was possible to plan and anticipate reasonable reactions of a planetary defense.    There wasn’t a large presence of defence nor was there any military more than civilian rescue resources,  It couldn’t take much more than a small well organized military force to arrest and separate criminals from a normal population,  

The population of the planet was an unknown factor in any possible action to arrest any criminals.  A military force would have to be impressive enough to frighten the population into complying with the arresting of a possibly large number of criminals.  A definite plan would have to be arranged to anticipate any possible defenses mounted on the planet.  Meanwhile it would a matter of wait and see how things would play out.

Time went on as the sentient unit remained hidden from anyone on the planet.  There was nothing to be done except investigate and plan a possible incursion on the planet.  Mapping out the lay of the population and what best ways to proceed against possible defenses of the population became priorities of careful investigation.  

The sentient unit would be able to proceed as long as it wasn’t discovered.  What mattered was to remain concealed and slowly go about mapping out the important features of the planet.  Features and population weren’t the only things on the list of things to do.  

Preparing an invasion meant that all kinds of things had to be done.  Any of the sabotaging of workings of the planet required plans of resources and how to best use those resources.  There were other things to attend to as well.  All of which would take a lot of effort spread over time.  Yes it would take time at least.

The sentient unit spent over four hundred rotations around the star to gather the information needed to plan a simple invasion of the planet.  There were small groups of combat competent militia scattered at strategic points around the population centers.  Practices of armed maneuvers were staged regularly so it would be very difficult to attack the planet.

It had been an afterthought to gather intelligence of the planet in general.  One thing after another began to reveal just how well defended the innocuous planet actually was.  It was lucky to make intelligent plans of necessary actions really needed to seize the population.  A significant army would be hard pushed to attack any positions on the planet.  The quietly sleepy planet wasn’t quite so sleepy as it appeared.

Monitoring communications was the first thing that the sentient unit had begun to do upon arrival on the planet.  At first it appeared that everyone on the little planet was busy sending and receiving messages of mundane priorities.  There was a personal tone in the messages that wasn’t as sophisticated as the sorts of messages that were sent on the moon.  

It was relatively easy for the sentient unit to pickup the tones of each person who communicated openly with messages.  Citizens involved with salvage of the ore carrier were identified by their messages.  Messages also betrayed the placements of salvage as the ore carrier was dismantled.  It hadn’t taken very long before valuable materials had been stripped away to leave what remained of the ore carrier as unspaceworthy.
Unspaceworthy is a big word.  What it meant was that the ore carrier had been disabled enough that it could not navigate, propel itself, nor contain any cargo within it’s holds.  The heaps of materials made from the outer shell of the ore carrier was busily loaded and carted away.  The ore carrier was literally being reduced to scraps in a most efficient manner.

The flow of materials from the ore carrier was tracked by messages from various citizens in colonies on the planet.  There was a group of citizens who directed the flow of ore carrier materials.  Numerous small pits were filled in with all of the materials from the ore carrier.  The small pits were grouped a dozen per area scattered around the colonies on the planet.  

Not all of the colonies had pits around them.  Nor did all of the colonies have any gangs at large within the populations.  The gangs were independent little groups of citizens who for the most part lived within the laws of the colonies on the planet.  The gangs operated covertly to make profits without hurting any citizens if possible.  

The ore carrier project was a large crime intended to bankroll large profits to benefit all of the colonies of the planet.  The gangs had organized a group to supervise the arrangements of salvaging the ore carrier to sell all of the materials to local buyers,  The profits would pay for workers to use the hidden materials for building markets and plazas for the colonists,  In that way, all of the colonists on the planet would benefit by the destruction of the empty ore carrier.

The group supervising the gangs had thought the ore carriers were insured in some manner so that there would be no real loss to anyone.  The supervising group went about the salvage of the ore carrier as if it was just another business.  They even went about naming a company to handle the transactions covering the salvage and sales of the materials of the ore carrier.  The company would be called Donor Incorporated and would employ one member of every gang on the planet.  

The Donor Company was run by a small group of highly educated, well trained, and sincerely motivated individuals.  It was not surprising that most of the little group were of mixed racial backgrounds from different planets.  Rarely did the little group get together as media communications were more than adequate to meet most needs of the organization.

For the most part the Donor Company operated covertly unless a particular job needed an official office.  In those circumstances, a company surfaced in an office, complete with staff and hirelings as needed while company controlled.  A company had been created to meet the needs of the ore carrier project,  The ore carrier project was intended to raise the life values of the entire planet.  It was all well planned and carried out perfectly in every detail.

The ore carrier project went along smoothly without any serious trouble.  The crew onboard the first ship carrying the first load of salvage reported something unusual had occurred.  One of the crew had become trapped in his spacesuit onboard the ore carrier when it had been captured.  The crewmember was in difficulty because the mechanics of the spacesuit had ceased to function.  

An investigation yielded only more questions than anyone could imagine any answers for.  The crewmember who had the incident with the spacesuit was confined for psychiatric evaluation and treated for severe space sickness.  The treatments that were typically conventional, unsurprisingly had good results almost immediately.

It is often found that some children and adults have innate fears of darkness, pain, and the unknown.  As far as the frightened crewmember was concerned, there was reason to fear something, even if it was undefined or unknown inside the empty ore carrier.  Failure of the crewmember’s spacesuit mobility and power was found to be groundless.

The sentient unit had been able to neutralize the spacesuit without having been detected by the crewmember.  The sentient unit was also able to board the tow zip line to the towing spaceship.  Once onboard the towing spaceship, several hiding places were presented.  Catwalks afforded access to cargo holds and the main command deck without being detected.

The sentient unit found that by moving slowly, it was possible to see the laser beams between detection devices and the communications receivers.  Only by avoiding the laser beams and the crewmembers would remaining concealed be a possibility.  It was important to avoid detection as part of a plan to uncover the individuals behind redirecting an ore carrier.  It was a matter of waiting to see what would occur as time passed.    

A crime had been committed that had injured no one although the perpetrators had made off with a colossal prize.  A planet stood to benefit from the proceeds of the crime.  There were proceeds enough that would supply an entire planet with valuable raw resources and a significant value in sales of various items.  The real questions were what value did the empty ore carrier have and would the inhabitants of the planet be held responsible for theft and value of it?

The sentient unit didn’t intend to be a judge and jury of the situation involving the loss of the ore carrier.  Rather, it would be prudent to play the role of executioner of determining and capturing the individuals involved in planning and the organization of illegally salvaging the ore carrier.  Technically there was a loophole in legalities concerning fault in rights of salvage.  Hm.